The people who started working on Voyager control as graduate students or undergraduate interns are getting ready to retire. It's almost like an earthbound first draft of one of those scifi generation ships.
Wow. This is great achievement. We talk of so much UFOs on earth. I wonder, did Voyager met any of them on its long journey.
The Energizer Bunny of spacecraft!
Christoph Weiss
It will return as V'Ger!
Congrats to NASA for the things you do =right=! // Does anyone remember the space vehicle 'AGER' in Star Trek: The Motion Picture?
That's what Christoph mentioned in the post before yours. "It will return as V. GER. It's VOYGER but the O and Y got covered up over time.
When people wonder how we could put a man on the moon without personal computers this article reminds us Just how capable the engineers of the sixties and seventies were.
Russell Clark
Didn’t ´Viger’ showup in a Star Trek episode from a number of decades ago but way in the future ?
Zac Lee
What battery lasts for 43 years?
That was made 43 years ago?
Olga Andonović
Thank you kindly Sir Voyager 2! You entered the deep hyperspace and now we all might know how enlightened you are as you should be. Shine on you, our new soon to be deep space star! Lot of love to all team! Who wouldn't love the seventies! :)