Rick Clapp
I'll be very interested in the results of this investigation considering what the payload was intended to accomplish.. The targeted areas are very repressed. Could this have had a bit of help in happening?
Crap video.
Where is the close up of the actual explosion?
Leonard Foster Jr
Space X is moving to fast or it's Sabotage ???
I'm with Rick I'm eager for results in the investigation. This rocket was also the first re-use of a landed first stage. I'm very curious to see if it was stress damage that wasn't detected in re-certification or if it was something else on the rocket. If it was sabotage as Rick implies it would be hard to prove if it was to prevent oppression resistance gaining new tools or if it was SpaceX competition trying to keep them from radically reducing launch costs so far below what the ULA can ever hope to achieve they cease to be relevant.
However since there is absolutely no evidence of anything, not even a preliminary result in the investigation this is all highly speculative and therefore not worth much.
Joe Blough
I have wondered whether or not the private space companies ever do design reviews with NASA. Are these newbies simply re-inventing the wheel and undergoing Homer Simpson moments or do they leverage the expertise of the NASA people who have been in the space game for 50 + years? Spacecraft and rocket engines are not like earth bound engineering at all. The materials requirements are completely different. Simple but old example, any metal alloy or coating with cadmium in it has the cadmium evaporate out in the vacuum of space. Duh oh. While this has nothing to do with the facebook thing blowing up in their face real good, it does speak to need for a lot of history and knowledge that doesn't come from making most aircraft.
It looks like facebook just lost some face.
David A Galler
I am sorry read this.There should be renewed research into air-breathing first stages for lifting vehicle.
Bummer. But, what the people in sub-Saharan Africa really need is not internet connectivity.
@VirtualGathis, this was not a previously flown stage but a new stage. @NewAtlas, this was not an "explosion" but a fast deflagration. Also the rocket is held down by clamps that attach to the thrust structure near the bottom of the first stage, not by tethers.
Derek Howe
VirtualGathis - "This rocket was also the first re-use of a landed first stage." No it wasn't, that was planned for Q4 of this year...a timeline which will now likely fall into 2017.