What happens when you combine Nordic skiing, stand-up paddle and switch-kick longboarding? You end up with a new method of transportation called SpikeBoarding, which requires a SkateBoard "Spike" and a specialized longboard.

For the skateboard portion of SpikeBoarding, a rider can use their own longboard specially designed for effective switch kicking, or the actual SpikeBoard made for the sport. The official SpikeBoard has a fender designed to keep the user from tapping the wheels while switching stances. It is also a drop deck board with 3 inches of drop, along with 85-mm (3.3-in) wheels and 180-mm (7-in) trucks.

The SkateBoard Spike is much like a Nordic ski pole, but it's tweaked to allow the user to spike with one hand while switch kicking with the other. The reason the creators have gone this way is to allow users to work out all muscle groups while riding the board. The pole is made with carbon fiber with the goal of keeping it as light as possible. In the end, it comes in at 19 ounces (539 grams), which should be easy enough to carry around while skating hard.

Some other notable things about the Spike is that it features a lifespan of about 500-1,000 hours, and that it will require a sharpening before each hard workout, or every few days after standard local commuting.

The Spike is available in four different sizes based on the height of the user. Sizes available are 157, 168, and 180 cm (61.8, 66.1, and 70.9 in). There is also a slightly more expensive model that adjusts from 120 to 190 cm (47.2 to 74.8 in).

SUSOIX, the company responsible for coming up with SpikeBoarding, sells the products directly. The prices vary depending on the package, starting at US$270 for just the Spike, and going all the way up to $650 for a complete longboard and Spike package.

The video below shows us how SpikeBoarding works.

Source: SpikeBoarding

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