The Skud
Clever idea! Now add a themo-electric power supply (already proven successful in camping cooker/stoves) to run a motor drive pushing the log in for all night running - some trimming of branch stubs might be needed though. Would make a real talking-point for a semi-enclosed outdoor living area as well.
The Skud
Just had another thought - can you imagine how teed-off the missus would be if you had only left a short log on the rollers when you went out to nightwork? I cannot see 60 pounds of woman shifting 150 pounds (depending on speciea of tree) of log to keep the heater going!
$6,000 for the stove and a couple of hundred thousand (or better) for a new house large enough to absorb a tree laying on its side.
Sounds like an economical solution to home heating to me.
OK, so they have updated the old open fire used in the great houses and inns of yesteryear.
I remember seeing that type of fire in operation in a country pub in Norfolk (UK) back in the 50s. In fact it remained in operation during the winters until the building was demolished because of road widening in the 80s.
why does it take the most clever, creative people to see the obvious?
At the price, however, it should have an auto-feed, auto-empty and auto-dispose. Then put it through a wall and add an automatic outside log hopper that releases one at a time and...
Forest Fab
What about turning the stove and log vertically for an auto-feed? I know this would cause other burning-out-of-the-stove issues, but these guys seem pretty clever :-) Would also be good to burn old telephone poles...
Otherwise for a couple hundred $$, you can buy yourself a chainsaw. Just saying.
Experience has taught me that two or more chunks of firewood always burns better than one. The gasses they give off during combustion feed off each other. Also, i have already used the concept of aluminum "heat sinks" on the stove pipe to increase the heat dissipation before it goes out the chimney. Put a fan on it and the efficiency doubles.
It just isn't practical to have a long log in your space to burn, and the price is ridiculous. As far as atmosphere goes, there ain't none. Fail.
@Forest Fab,
If the telephone poles in your country are treated as ours are in the UK, you wouldn't want to burn them in or too near your house, as they are coated in creosote.
Re- this stove design. If one has gone to the trouble of getting logs that are straight enough to feed into this machine, why not invent a machine instead that will feed logs into a saw, so that you then have convenient sized log pieces for a conventional wood burner.
However, should straight logs that could be used for timber or construction be burned at all? Surely it would be better to use wood that is not suitable for such purposes?
Maybe if you built it into the external wall so you feed the log in through the wall using an auto feed system.
Dave B13
I think I see the problem: _________ Dutch {{{{"designers"}}}}} Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens. ^^^^^^^^^^^^