Chuck Anziulewicz
What am I missing here? I see what appears to be a projector, but where is that screen coming from? Does it INFLATE?
OMG this will be perfect for my friends and myself during tailgates.
Great idea! I NEED this screen... can't wait for the Kickstarter!
Absolutely love this idea. I'm actually out of town right now and would love to have a 2nd monitor that could easily travel w/ me, very cool.
Hey Chuck, this is Alex (from the article). It works similarly to an umbrella.
Seems to be the same as a camera flash foldable diffuser/softbox, but with a projector replacing the flash. :)
While a neat idea, there are other more robust solutions, ie
Looks like a great addition for camping when its raining out. My little tablet screens hurt my eyes after a while.
Chuck Anziulewicz
ALEX: I would appreciate seeing a video of that "umbrella display" opening.