Mr. Gizmo
The video shows a blue flashing light when the unit is activated. Is this a way to tell the thief that there is a secret tracking device hidden in the handle bars? Does the manufacturer really expect someone to track down the stolen bike, get on it, and merrily peddle away? That isn't the way it works in the 'hood.
Iosif Olimpiu
This thing must be remarked, because it seems to obvious, but it's a good start. Anyway I think that a microchip with a wider signal, without a battery and so much intelligence can be more useful, because it can be hidden better, it's smaller, maybe it don't need a battery, a wider distance and i think that it's no problem to detect it even it's inside of a building. The thief is not that stupid(in many cases) to keep the bike in town and ride it. It's more probably to sell it in another town or country...
@Mr.Gizmo, That light is a common way to tell the user that the system is armed. It would not go off unless the electronic key was in use. It is not like the car alarms where the blinking light is a warning. I like the system, and the cost is not too steep (considering the cost of some of the bikes I have seen.) But I do not like having to remove and recharge it. I would prefer it be proximity charged, or plug in. (maybe a plug in jack in the end of the handle. My preference, would be to add a dynamo/ or charging coil inside the neck charged by a spinning magnet. To charge, a motor driven spinning magnet would be applied to the out side of the neck (Velcro/ or magnet mounted, ) and spun up to speed forcing the inner magnet to spin charging the battery. If the charging spinner is DC and battery fed, and with an AC power cord, it could be used anywhere, at home or on the road, with or without AC. It could be similar to a Dremel.
Dave Kliman
The whole point of a tracing system is that it would have to be stealthy. With its big gaudy logo, thieves will know exactly what to remove and toss away.
Lawrence Lagarde
Too expensive for most. Get the price down to $30 and the product will take off like gang busters.
Ender Wigin
The price seems right to me as I am not aware of anything else out there that offers discreet and convenient solution for tracking bikes worth thousands of dollars. My concerns would be battery life, warranty as bikes are often prone to much abuse and system security to prevent hacking of the device. As for the blinking light thingy I believe one can just use an opaque headset cover instead of a see through one...
This would be great for a Segway. It could hook up to the Segway battery that is already being charged constantly.
Sambath Pech
Keep in mind that this could also be used for other things that could get stolen. You could put this in your personal vault for instance.
I've got an even crazier idea: how about locking up bike thieves for thirty years - then nobody would think that stealing a bike was worth it, would they... Don't tell me, "it costs too much", blah blah blah. It doesn't cost too much, because deterrence works - we just don't have any deterrence nowadays. So the public is expected to spend endless amounts of money to protect our property from the criminals we are FORCED to live with. Whatever happened to freedom of association? Who would actually choose to live with criminals?
James Sergent ✯
Its a start,but if you have an expensive bike it may be immediately stripped down,a much better idea would be for this to go down the seat tube as it would be much more difficult to find.