Kevin Ritchey
Give me real cars.
404 mph = 650 mph? Doesn't anybody proof-read before publishing anymore?
It's what I've come to expect from Fiat, BS. That they would make it an air pressure hybrid shows how engineeringly bankrupt they are as a terribly ineff system. But then their boss hates EV's even though 5-8x's as eff as an air one.
Abby Normal
why not instead invent a car with a fancy air suspension that totally filters out the bumps while still handling well?
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Didn't say much about the wheels, the most difficult part on the land speed record. They are usually solid aluminum, sometimes with composite tire. Also, need salt flat for trials.
Island Architect
There is no stopping Ralph!!
He is incredible and only this morning I stopped and stared at the Chrysler 200 to take pictures... It looks absolutely like a mini Jaguar and no one handles chrome as he does so masterfully.
Proud to say that I know him and have admired him from the first 500, the Magnum and on...
Truly a great designer. Even look at how masterfully he has handled the Jeep. Every owner I have talked with said that it's their best car ever!
Stephen N Russell
If real, Id drive this, awesome,.
Noel K Frothingham
Abby Normal, aalready been done.
Before Chrysler's boss flew his private jet to Washington for a corporate hand-out, Chrysler made a ridiculous un-rideable "concept" motorcycle also called the "Tomahawk" with a V-10.
Last I heard, it's displayed at trade shows where the engine is revved to make lots of noise & smoke.