The Skud
What we need is for that chip's reprogramming and more turbo power to be accessed via a "BOOST" or "SPORT" button hidden down by the console where only the driver knows! Then he/she can turn it back to "Normal" when pretty blue lights are seen in the mirror or when one turns up for the pre-rego pollution compliance check.
Bob Stuart
Would anybody who reads Gizmag have the funds to waste on this monstrosity? Is the car section here just a way to alert us to the madness of the wealthy?
Props to Jarod Shelby of my home-town West Richland, WA !!! Jerod is taking on the GIANTS of 'super-car-dome' with some American ingenuity and some serious 'Merican motor muscle! Time to go to the track and disprove the European nay-sayers.
I'm looking for a new car, and I see it has a GM alternator on it, I'm sold
Unique looking car, but .....
We know the overall design has nothing to do with a "retro" look, so what's the necessity of those damn fins?
Jim Sadler
This car is absurd. It is a waste of time and engineering talent. A car that can go 275mph and is street legal is of no use to anyone. Even at 150 mph we have no tires that can last even one hour. And that is on a race track. On a road where a tiny pothole or thorn or nail might touch a tire speeds like the ones described require a suicidal driver not to mention people in the area who could be struck by a car decomposing and throwing pieces for close to a mile.
Mark McCoy
The sickest of American Super Cars should be running the finest of American Tire technology --- the Cambertire --- of course, mounted on the insanest of Carbon Fiber wheels --- the CarbonRev. Wonder what the performance specs would look like with a 25%+ increase in lateral and braking G forces, better compliance, and alot less rotational mass.
Ivan Schiller
There will always be some buyers need for psychological replacements of what they feel is lacking. Or those that have the insatiable, unrelenting desire of the need for speed.
1700 HP would be great in a tractor-pull competition ...
Mike Moroney
Odd that such a futuristic machine is named after the world's slowest reptile.