astounding - gathering the hair patterns, scars, ingrown hairs - never would have guessed this wasn\'t human. Well done!
Jim Parker
That\'s pretty impressive. I was hoping the guy would open his eyes. Later versions?
Walter Costescu
Looks spot on, but means nothing until you see it in motion. Huge difference between making something look realistic in an illustration and a video
Lee Storm
Having no eye lashes makes it look inhuman still.
@Lee Storm - good eye. I was wondering what was just a bit freaky about it. I don\'t think he was worrying about eyelashes, though; the skin is amazing. . .
Just wait until the porn industry gets this.
Stunning! Congratulations to Jorge Jimenez for this achievement.
Paul Perkins
Good, Awesome... Now sell it to MicroSmith Poser Pro, It will speed up their rendering time by squillions, and you will be a multi millionaire al. What\'s the music?
Have I got a suspicious mind, but could this be a real person(without eyelashes)? Most models of a head tend not to look real, due to the inability of an artist to get proportions right. This is absolutely spot on, and the detail is stunning. This level would not be require in computer games. Let\'s face it, the main aim is to KILL!
Congrats! The pc industry has been waiting for this for EONS.... Just think...realistic computer generated porn, newscasters, games, you name it. You wouldnt be looking for investors would you?