Great idea because it's more important to wash hands before touching willie than after. Women don't have to touch and that's why they are exempt from this invention.
Samuel Doyle
Isn't there a chance that tall guys can become confused and .... Well, you know.
I have a feeling some men will still forget to wash their hands after using the urinal. There will be still be a need for the sink in the men room since not every guy goes in to urinate some need to have a bowel movement. I do think it could increase the number of men who wash their hands after usage.
The only problem with this is that every urinal would also need a soap dispenser. Guys aren't going to zip up, step away for soap then return to wash. BigWarpGuy, There's no reason guys who do #2 can't still use one of these just to wash hands. Other than maybe having to wait for one to free up.
stupid design. I wouldn't use the sink. Need to give the appearance of two separate units, not curve one into the other.
The reason so many men fail to wash their hands after peeing, is the more adept of us can whop it in and whop it out untouched by human hand........sorry, that's the other business....whop it out and whop it in is more accurate, using clothing to expose one's penis, and letting it hang on it's own. A quick shake of the zipper enclosure to dispense of the remaining drops and it slides back into it's resting place. No more than 2 shakes is allowed otherwise urinal companions would think you're wanking.
Marcus Carr
Good idea! Why not put a shoe shiner down below, then it can take us as long as it does for women and we can suffer the same ridiculous waits that they do? The whole point is that while we're washing our hands, someone else is peeing. Two devices means quicker turnaround. As not all men wash, we don't have to wait for the sink and if the dryer is busy, we dry our hands on our pants. I'm convinced that this thing was designed by one who pees sitting down...
I can P without doing it all over my hands. :-p
How hygienic would it be to urinate and wash one's hands in the same unit? How do you prevent spray from contaminating the sink? I don't think this will change the attitudes of non handwashers. It will still be too much effort for them to wash their hands after urinating, or worse, doing a 'number two'. One problem in the UK is that far more often than not, there will be ample sinks provided (many with empty soap dispensers) but far fewer electric hand dryers- many of which won't start until the user has discovered where on the underside the sensor is before the damn thing starts working, and smaller facilities often have such feeble dryers that they are a waste of time anyway. When in a rush this means that many users have to wipe their hands on their trousers rather than queueing or holding up those behind.
I would never wash my hands in one of these things. For some reason when men approach a public urinal their aim seems to go. I cannot even count the number of times I've seen dried urine on top of the urinal, much less under it. That's not in a bar or a gas station that's in office buildings including the executive washroom.