The real issue for me is not in entertainment but in politics. Once it's possible to make an actor play a role, and then replace the likeness and voice of a current personality for the actor's, it won't take long to be able to do that in real time. If you think 'fake news' is bad, wait until you get footage of political figures making statements which the actual political figures never made.
William H Lanteigne
I think the ethics will eventually focus on treating the image of a deceased actor with the same respect a living actor would receive, and appropriate compensation paid to the deceased's estate or directly to heirs, if any.
RonBarack and William, you're right. When a virtual President and CONgress order a war (or the release of key terrorist prisoners), people will finally understand the full importance of this issue. And entire estates could be manipulated through phony digitally created vids. Perhaps this is the side of SkyNet/BigBrother we need to focus on a bit more.
Just a matter of time before the porno producers get hold of the technology.
There used to be a saying, "Seeing is believing." Apparently that is no longer the case. When technology has "advanced" so far, that it becomes impossible to distinguish between what is real and what is not, truth becomes the victim. And propaganda the champion. (And if you don't think there are people willing to use it to their advantage, you have never met a marketer. Or a politician.)
I don't much care about other actors, but Audrey Hepburn? I am 100% in favor of resurrecting that face in any way possible. The most beautiful woman ever!
There will always be a bad and a good side to everything. As long as there is money to be made - it will be done.
We are used to fake news from the mainstream media so this will likely be just another way for them perpetuating propagation of their PC propaganda.
Meanwhile - I would not mind seeing an actual 5 years of episodes for the "5 year mission."
This kind of rights protection is childish and pathetic. You are not grabbing something out of others' hands, nor are you breaking into someone's home. The West got lots of nerve to call that which is theirs protected while squandering others' "rights" without the same principle...why? simply because others aren't that conscientious of their so called "rights"? Hence, childish.
Some sort of CRC with encryption needs to become mandatory for every 'n' number of pixels on X and Y axis. Something that has to also be respected by video compression algorithm when re encoding to provide some legitimacy to original content. When CCN or whatever "news" network broadcasts a video, it has to come up with the right code that the end viewer TV or computer can verify. If the code isn't consistent the video is a fake. Like DRM, but hard coded into the video recording equipment used for the original broadcast.
Every time I saw the chocolate ad I thought it was a lookalike actress or model playing the part of Audrey Hepburn. Impressive CGI. The likeness is at the center of the rights issue because the person whose likeness is being used owns the rights to their look. Obtaining permission from a deceased person's estate or heirs is thus no different from a photographer asking permission of a person they photograph. Childish? No, it's a basic courtesy.