While I understand the advantages of the step thru design it comes with either a weight or weakness penalty that I prefer to ovoid.
Ovoid means oviform or egg-shaped.
Isaac Seidman
The designers obviously haven\'t got a clue about bike geometry. The pedals should not be directly under the saddle this, not only is this a horribly inefficient position for transferring power to the pedals, it could lead to knee injuries right behind the knee cap.
Helene Webman
Not sure how new this is... In my home town (Phoenix AZ) I saw such bikes already used by seniors, and that was more than a year ago.... To me it looked like a great concept for the elderly who wanted to stay active but find the standard bike hard to get on.
Jerry Peavy
The obvious structural weakness aside, I would hate to ride over a small curb or anything higher than a few inches considering the low standing platform!
so those pedals will need to stick out quite wide to miss the deck, also I\'m thinking about hitting a pedal everytime I push away while using the scooter - ouch!!
Why would anyone want to have a scooter option when they\'re already on a bike? The scooting motion is very inefficient compared to pedaling. Plus it wears down the soles on your shoes and tires you out faster because you\'re using only one leg. A step-through frame is okay, but the scooter platform is just plain dumb. Better might be an Elliptigo but with a seat option that can be pushed back out of the way if you want to pedal standing up.
Peugeot won\'t mess up the manufacture, so shutup already about the geometry and strength and pedals etc. Sheesh!!! Has *everyone* got out the wrong side of the bed today?
This is a really awesome idea.
And yeah - if you didn\'t read the *whole* article, don\'t hit \"post comment\"!!!
re; Gadgeteer
Just off the top of my head sore crotch, only going a few hundred meters, in a hallway, or you find it to be more fun.
I don\'t want to know about your head sore crotch. People going a few hundred meters probably won\'t be renting a bike to do it. These are community bikes for everybody to use. Taking them down hallways to store indoors defeats that purpose. I tried a friend\'s Xootr kickscooter during the scooter craze about ten years ago. They\'re most assuredly not \"fun.\" Swinging your driving leg in a long arc, which doesn\'t involve the quadriceps. Having to squat up and down on the other leg with every stroke. Doing at best about 10mph with a lot of effort, a speed that\'s an easy cruise on a bicycle. The near impossibility of switching legs on the move when the platform doesn\'t have room for both feet at once.