Please tell me every one knows this is SO WRONG!
Racqia Dvorak
That last paragraph needed to be expanded on and emphasized...and at least located in the middle of the article.
David Alden
And would you like some chemotherapy with your cigarettes?
Loving It All
Our society is SO bizarre. If the option of eating less is off the table (probably because there\'s no room on the table, given the increase in portion size), how about adding healthy natural condiment instead of pharmaceuticals? Virtually all nuts, even peanuts, have statin-like properties. How about serving a small handful of nuts with that burger? Maybe even formulating burgers with some ground nuts in the mix?
A nutty idea? Of course!
Get real! This is about the sickest article I\'ve ever read on Gizmag. Increase the drugs in your system so that you can continue eating unhealthily? Total madness.
In the US, the number of ads for the drug cartels is increasing dramatically. (I\'ve noticed, too, that the time taken on the commercials to list all the contraindications of a drug - up to and including death - has now increased to almost 2/3s of the ad!) Interestingly, so are the ads for attorneys seeking clients who have been seriously damaged or killed by some \"safe\" drug. Unless in a life threatening situation or continuing pain, the body is heavily damaged by drug use, as is the brain. Humans were not designed for drug use, despite what the medical industry would like to convince us!
Daniel Vulikh
That\'s just funny. Unless someone takes it seriously.
Swami Poindexter
Thank goodness for the last paragraph! Otherwise, the proposal itself is an outrage and a totally arrogant big-Pharma insult! These bastards won\'t rest until the whole world is popping their poisons.

It is at least heartening (npi) to see the posts.
1. Statins have side effects. Medical policy wonks see more risks than benefits in giving statins to low risk folks. The liver testing alone would be stunningly expensive.
2. The next problem is the predictive validity of saturated fat and various cholesterol subfractions. If you look at the Stanford A-Z Study, folks on the Atkins diet had twice the positive health markers than other diets.
3. There may be other things going on. Fast food places may be injecting substances in burgers to keep them moist while they\'re sitting (did you think that burger was magically cooked in 30 seconds from frozen solid?) and high-heat cooking may be creating HCAs, etc.
4. The best counter-measures may be reviewing the entire process to include the buns. Again, the Stanford data says the high carb bun is causing damage. Then look at the heirloom wheat vice todays wheat research. So, maybe a thinner, 100% whole grain bun with vegetables in it might be healthier (more antioxidants, nutrients, fiber, etc.).
My health care providers put me on statins and they nearly killed me. I only began to feel better when I changed up my diet. Eat healthy, stay healthy!
Donnakelli Maddencox
oh shit!