Isn't that a burqa?
Roger W.
Sounds like an 'answer' to a NON-PROBLEM; but gives criminals another weapon to avoid Police Helicopter IR tracking. Cat Burglars, get out your 'stolen' credit cards.... and order now!
Paranoia manifests in many different ways, this is just one of them. I iften wonder what people like Harvey have done and what they have to hide that would attract even the flimisiest of glances from the authorities. He is also going to make a lot of money from Taliban and Al Qaeda sources as they seek ways to hide from their inevitable demise; I wonder if Harvey will declare his sources of income.
Roger and Wally, I can provide at least some reasoning: 1. This is art. Harvey is an artist and these items are artworks. They have made you ask questions about paranoia and about what people may want to hide. It is often the intention of art to make us take a look at ourselves and at society and ask questions we otherwise would not. So it seems it has worked. 2. You assume UAVs will always and only ever be used by the government. You also assume that government will be benign (what about Syria for example?). What about corruption within a government agency? I'm not talking conspiracy theory hollywood corruption, just plain old Cop A doesn't like his neighbour and so in his spare time uses the police UAVs to hunt him down and harass him type corruption. 3. People who enjoy their privacy. Different people enjoy different levels of privacy. Some people would be happy enough to walk about naked handing out auto biographies and all their childhood photos. Others would rather people just keep out of their business. This isn't just criminals but also celebrities, security workers or Joe Blow who also doesn't like auto diallers and such. UAVs are not just the domain of "the authorities" and even if they were, what makes you think "the authorities" are any more trustworthy than anyone else? All the people who work for the authorities are just ordinary people with all the same character flaws as everyone else.
Kris Lee
@Roger W., Wally3178 So you are the ones who think that the bag and form defines the good people? You think that business, politicians and law enforcement can not blend into deep and fuzzy scheme of corruption? Should I give you an example or you could come up with some of your own? Anyway this is an art piece and when art people start questioning something then personally I find that we are facing a serious problem. @Scion Another example. A man who is a businessman and politician and has friends (or fellows) among high ranking police officers can use this power to harass or eliminate his business opponents. This is no Hollywood stuff - this is real life.
Great! Now the damned things are going to be exposing all of us to backscattered x-rays to get around this.
Isack Hernandez
this could make things harder for U.S border patrol
Might as well wear a sign for the UAV operators that says 'Shoot Me'...
If this is considered art, I hope it isn't subsidized by my tax dollars, because it looks stupid and ugly, like a lot of art these days.
Stephen N Russell
what about mobile ground based radar?? or adapt radar speed devices to track people/? Very scary.