Bill Bennett
That would not get hot on the inside in the sun, right?
Michael Crumpton
Get the price down 75% and you have solved the homeless problem.
Noel K Frothingham
Bill Bennett, no more than other structures of that size. It's all about air circulation. A nice ol' oak tree to park beneath would help, too.....
The Skud
The company claims: "or even towed by a boat!" I hope they have worked out the joint seal problem . . .
They've missed out on the obvious power source available to 99% of the homeless..... a couple of harnessed mongrels would be perfect to pull this.
So it's another overpriced cheaply built caravan then? Plasticiser fumes must be awesome fun too :)
Mel Tisdale
I suspect that watching one of these in high winds would be quite entertaining.
Mike Dubois
While not discrediting the product, it should not be called a tiny house but rather a shelter. Gizmag should differentiate between a shelter and tiny house. Tiny house: provides all of the amenities required of a home: Sleep, cook, wash, toilet, heat/cool as a minimum. Otherwise, i will supply a headline: "Disposable tiny houses used in NYC homeless district". These portable disposable homes are made up of recyclable corrugated wallboard that offer insulation properties.
scott melnick
Kind of cool, but given the materials, this thing weighs more than 1,200 pounds. Not sure I want to tow it on my bike...especially the first time I encounter a hill!
Neil Farbstein
It was invented by sadists to torture poor people with extremely confining quarters. I'm not joking. Don't support tiny house movement its demeaning and sickening.