So many new battery technologies out there it's ridiculous to keep up with. Let the good times roll.
Recharge a battery of that sort of capacity in 5 mins? What size cables are needed to supply that sort of ampage, given UK domestic supply is 230v and most countries are in the same ball park? Imagine the load on the national power distribution system of a few hundred thousand people all arriving home from work about the same time as the TVs go on and the evening meal is being prepared, all on top of the normal base load. What sort of additional equipment would be needed in the power generating facilities to cope with peak load? Nice idea but still doesn't solve one of the major problems with all electric transport solutions - providing the electricity.
Vincent multiple solutions with multiple low cost, safe, re-useable, and low-to-non-toxic materials will serve to keep delivered costs down and speed world-wide deployment. While this application is about vehicles there are stationary power storage needs that actually are much larger in scale and potentially far more important than just lowering the cost and environmental impact of getting around town. Perhaps the single biggest value of multiple choices is the potential to prevent any oligarch 1/10th percenter from establishing a monopoly on this technology that is so critical to everyone's future. A widely dispersed array of choices could prevent anyone from cornering access to cheap energy.
Many claims, few make it to market. We shall see.
Bye bye oil. Good riddance.
Actually this is just one of two "critical missing links". The other is consumer price. To achieve a critical mass of consumer acceptance is going to require that EVs become no more costly to purchase/own than a typical gas powered auto. That means in the $20K range, and the lower the better. Since batteries are expensive, maybe this tech will help with that.
Oh the doubters.
Charging a battery in 5 min. sounds great.
Ok, full charge is merely what the manufacturer of the battery and charging system say it is. "Completely" charging a battery (to 100% capacity) at constant voltage takes forever (literally)..
So the key to fast charging a battery is to: "say that it is full" as soon as the constant current phase is completed (when cell voltages peak for the first time) as long as the CC phase (max allowable current) gets the job done in 5 mins (merely 12C charge rate) it should be good to go ...(wait till more results are published.
All ye Doubters re Grid support.. Of course you would actually be dumping from a hybrid super-capacitor bank, or fast discharge battery, which can take all day and night to suck its power from the grid no need for high current loads off the grid... (OR just give the charging station a 13kV line-in.)
Great ! How many times theses will have a 5 minutes charging ??
Assuming the mentioned 90 kWh to be charged in 5 min this would mean 90 x (60/5) = 90 x 12 or about 1 gigaWatt of power, a lot of Amperes to travel through our garage in the 5 minutes... Better have a fire extinguisher ready, You never know.