Denis Klanac
Is 7% a lot?
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Most metallurgists would give their eye teeth to improve modern high strength steel by 1%, and this process improves ductility as well. So yes, that\'s a lot.
Jacob William
@Denis 7% stronger AND 30% lighter. Also it is forged faster using less energy. Spread these benefits worldwide in the many applications steel has in the modern world and yes, you can say that it is indeed a lot.
In this case, yes, 7% IS a lot. I\'m not certain of my figures, but a \'mature\' technology such as steel isn\'t likely to see more than a couple of percent (at the most) improvement per year - and that percentage will diminish/become less significant as time passes, because each advancement is little more than a variation on a theme, and there\'s only so far you can go along that path. In theory, the old circus \'strong man\' might have been able to bend a bar of steel with very little difficulty, but may be hard-put to even start to bend a bar (of the same dimensions) of steel made this way.
Doesn\'t sound like it, until you look at the ratings of hardness and such. 7% of 328kpsi tensile strength makes it 350kpsi, which is pretty large
Avri S
1 Person ~ Average Weight 81Kg @ 7% => 5.67 Kg .. not much. 1 M1 Abram Tank ~ Weight 60.4 (Long Tons) @ 7% => 4.228 Tons -> 4295.85 Kg .. Hell yes!!!
If the reported kilowatt of energy per kilogram is less than other processes while getting 7% stronger steel, this would seem to be huge.
Devastatin Stainless steel AISI 302 - Cold-rolled = 860 Titanium alloy (6% Al, 4% V) = 900 Spider silk (See note below) = 1,000 if we assume the amount they are referring to is 860. 860 * 1.07 = 920.20. Sronger than Titanium Alloy. with 30% less weight and less cost. So yes, 7% is a lot with this process. It will reduce car weight 30% for the same benefits we have today. Very big pluses.
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Congratulations, Mr. Gary Cola, the results are amazing. Scientists need so much help from self taught who love what they do. This facilitates the \"eureka\" moment in their research. Remember the Pythagorean Theorem, in all its simplicity, was enunciated only by the aid of a farmer. Farnsworth drew up the TV signal method, by association to the process of plowing the land .
Adrian Akau
\"Carmakers would be able to build frames that are up to 30 percent thinner and lighter without compromising safety, with the steel also acting as an impact-absorber.\" A better and less expensive impact absorber would be foam steel bumpers.