Oliver McFishcloud
Eating can cause health problems.
People fear newness because it signifies change that could possible make life uncomfortable, or even dangerous for those who don\'t want to adapt to that change.
Fear is useful, but oversold.
Nick Thompson
Yeah lets pull them off the shelves, but not pull ciggs off the shelves... brilliant!
Patricia Clewell
No, that\'s absolutely not what this \"study\" found. As Dr. Michael Siegel calls it, this is typical \"science by press release.\" From Dr. Siegel\'s blog, \"The Rest of the Story,\" regarding this \"study\":
\"Had the study in question actually evaluated the safety of electronic cigarettes, by analyzing the constituents of the e-cigarette vapor or the health effects of the product on users, then it would be appropriate for the researchers to disseminate a conclusion about the safety or lack of safety of electronic cigarettes. But I think it is irresponsible to disseminate such a conclusion when the study provided no information on the safety of using the product.\"
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@Nick Thompson
My thoughts exactly..
I totally agree as well. Also it said leak will lead to exposure to a dangerous and addictive chemical.hmmm would that be more harmful than cigs. I think not. I have been using one for 6 months now and my cough has gone and my blood pressure has gone back to normal as well. I will take my chances with this instead of going back to smoking
The study to determine health risks of e-cigs was based on order accuracy, disposal methods, and basically nothing of any ACTUAL HEALTH significance. Wonder if the research team was funded by a government grant or the tobacco industry?
Fortunately the e-cigarette lobby is non-existent compared to the tobacco lobby which still pretty much owns a piece of Congress. It\'ll take a couple months to pull e-ciggs but tobacco will NEVER leave. Although honestly, if Repubs have their way, no legislation will ever pass again if it doesn\'t have something to do with making rich people richer, so I guess we can forget about pulling either from the shelves.
Nobody would claim that electronic cigarettes are completely innocuous, but they only have to be less toxic/harmful/nasty than cigarettes to be a better alternative. It\'d be great to be informed of any dangers attributed to e-cigarettes, but until it\'s shown that they are worse than cigarettes, it\'s irresponsible to scare people into choosing the greater of two evils.

And yes- using phrases like, \"could lead to exposure to a dangerous and addictive chemical,\" is scare tactics. We\'re not talking about toxic waste or crack cocaine, it\'s nicotine- which is the same dangerous and addictive chemical found in cigarettes.
Danny Huff
The claim of possible health problems is also apparently unsubstantiated.
Big Tobacco must be really worried about losing profits because they\'re applying all kinds of political pressure to hinder the development and marketing of ecigs.
The sky is falling.....
Really? A device that dispenses a known poison (Nicotine) is dangerous?