This really does seem like a cool idea but the hurtle I see for any city’s interested in getting this is that it needs to put together a dedicated road system and infrastructure just to accommodate it. That seems like it would be a bit daunting? But it sure looks cool! :-)
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Wow! I don\'t like public transportation- but this may change my mind...
So, how much does it cost per mile?
While the basic idea is sound, this is a huge waste of money as done. It shouldn\'t cost more than $2million to do the first 3.
Unless the road has a third rail it should a be a hybrid. Next the wheel placement, aero is a joke even with rear steering. The wheels need to be much farther to the center or it\'s not going to work on regular streets.
With a shorter wheelbase, hybrid drive it could be practical and run 100-120mph on the autoban at far lower cost. Also building it from CF is too expensive by a factor of 10 when medium tech composites would be better, more crash resistant and far less expensive.
PS I build composite EV\'s.
Having to install a completely separate roadway alongside existing roadways would only make sense if it can be done cheaper than laying train tacks - which I don\'t think it can. The individual cars may be less costly than high speed trains, but then again, the trains don\'t neccesarily have to be so huge. Why not make smaller train cars along this line, they could depart more regularly if you aren\'t waiting to load up a couple hundred passengers at a time. The small train idea make sense, the special highway car doesn\'t really, unless of course you are looking for a program to generate more roadway construction jobs.
Congrats to the team . I think the team has blended the aircraft with a car which I am aslo thinking for my current design of a cheaper transport in India .
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Perhaps this a bus that might tempt Jeremy Clarkson ?
Why not invent specially powered individual transportation pods that can be loaded with passengers and each vehicle sent to their own custom appointed destination of the passenger\'s desire, and utilize current roads in place now?
Oh yeah... those are called cars... ;)
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Fantastic design
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We all know trains are a terrible idea. Big, expensive, dangerous, inefficient, unpleasant, and a general a pain in the but to everyone around them. So compared to a train this is brilliant. That said you still have the obvious problem, who is going to waste their time with this thing. This fills no current market need. It is overly complicated and unrealistic.
Trains are for freight, cars are for people, how hard is that for people to get.
I would take a PRT system over this anyday.