Paul Anthony
Okay, so what is the opacity? Can you see through it?
Hahahahahah .. Does anyone remember this being foretold in Star Trek IV when a 20th century glass worker was shown the secret formula by Scotty for \"transparent aluminum?!\"
show me
Two words: transparent aluminum.
The formula for transparent aluminum is already science fact. Go here: Known commercially as ALON, transparent aluminum armor is made of aluminum oxynitride, a combination of aluminum, oxygen and nitrogen. Before it can end up as a hard transparent armor plate, it begins as a powder. This powder is then molded, subjected to high heat and baked, just as any other ceramic is baked. Once baked, the powder liquefies and then quickly cools into a solid, which leaves the molecules loosely arranged, as if still in liquid form. The resulting rigid crystalline structure of the molecules provides a level of strength and scratch resistance that\'s comparable to rugged sapphire. Additional polishing strengthens the aluminum alloy and also makes it extremely clear.
In the future we will all talk to our mouses =) and have transparent palladium =)
Wow! Florida coast residents will love it. Could be a great replacement for shutters for hurricanes.
David Larson
just always have your towel with you.
John M
Re super strength glass. We wont be able to make a huge quantity of this as Palladium is a rare earth metal together with Platinium also the reason there will not large quantities of this used in fuel cells. Cheers John M
But the Japanese have developed this alloy: who knows.
@Paul Anthony -- That is the exact first thought that I had when I read the article! lol.