Gregory Lowe
More powerful processors and memory don't necessarily equate to better performance when the operating systems aren't the same. One maybe able to perform better with less depending on optimization of the code. You can only tell if you run the same bench test on each. This is the case in smartphones Android typically runs on better hardware than Windows Phone but android is can be sluggish while Windows Phone is smooth at all levels of hardware. An example I always use is I have a large number of contacts (700+). While searching for names both Android and iPhone would pause from time to time while searching Windows Phone never does. There are other examples but we are talking about another form factor. A good test would probably be to render some video footage at various lengths and file types and resolutions on each machines using software both support like premiere pro.
Mac OS is LAME! I recently bought one for my daughter with an open mind of taking on a learning experience. There are many things about the OS that is just behind the times. The Microsoft Windows OS does so much more out the box than a MAC does. Even when comparing to XP. If Apple thinks continuity is going to make things better, they are lost. There is so much more that needs to be fixed before adding a feature that only 10% of its owners will use. Even more so is the design of the Mac Book pro. All the ventilation is projected towards the laptop screen! So not only is the sound directed right at you but the heat is all in your face. Premium, yeah right. You aren't fooling me Apple! Your OS is STALE!!!!!!!!!!
Where are the typical costs for applications, OS's, and utilities? Where are the benchmarks for typical laptop usage? Are these the only differences in connectivity? Are there any laptop advantages built into the OS? I'd seriously consider getting either one as I'm familiar with both OS's, but this does not help me.
"The Surface that's most comparable to the entry-level Retina MacBook costs $1,130, including keyboard."
So why are you comparing this lesser Surface model? Yes, they are each the low end of their ranges, but that's like comparing the low end Lexus with a low end Toyota.
I'm not an Apple-head, but I also have a general distaste for MS products. Having said that, you're comparing a laptop to a tablet...why not go for iPad vs Surface? That seems a more direct comparison. As another user pointed out, tech specs mean little if the actual user experience differs from what would be implied.
Not gonna lie, didn't even read the article because your comparing a tablet with an ultrabook.
Form Factor matters because in an ultrabook/laptop, computing is separate from the screen. In a tablet, the cpu and board are right under the screen.
Either break out the iPad or find a similarly priced Ultrabook from Sony, Toshiba, Dell, etc and compare that to your macbook.
Even the MacBook Air isn't a real comparison with the Surface Pro.
Face it, Microsoft carved out a new product area before Apple did for once and I hope they stick with it. A full computer in Tablet format HAS a future. I hope Microsoft doesn't let apple fanboys tell them different.
@psiclone: Because they are both real "computers". iPad runs a mobile OS. SP3 can function as either a laptop (like the MBP), tablet, or desktop (with the optional dock).
As usual you provide a mish mosh of measurements for total size & weight, while applying the now standardized size for screen & image pixals all in inches. Must feel good. Seeing 300mm... 500mm... 20mm... such tiny measures, are simply not logical to use to quickly grasp size, and then the little biddy grams. Sheesh. I know you will not print this, as you have not before.
A kind of Metric Vanity Narcissism of the Top down Central Socialist Planners view as the correct ordered way for us Sheeple to see the world, or else. It grinds on. Smiles! Tootles!
Nick Heidl
I agree with all replies above excluding jefhart. This is another shocking write up from Gizmag, purely surface detail when as Greg Lowe stated the most obvious comparison tests needed in any technology review. This isn't the first, nor will it be last review that has a habit to want to include apple device against other devices; we want better comparisons, more detail and less fluff. With regards to these devices which are weighted for portability, the fact that Bluetooth is a major feature that accessories utilise makes any port semi obsolete, just like Apple made CD drives and external memory slots made obsolete.
Rann Xeroxx
As others have noted, both of these devices are top notch technologies and build materials. Just because the Surface has a cheaper option, why would you compare a more expensive MBP to a cheaper Surface, pick the same priced devices.
Also I have read that because of the ratio for the Surface that its 12" screen actually has more surface area than other 12" screens. How does this compare to the surface area of the MBP 13" screen?
The biggest advantage the MBP has to the Surface is the keyboard and the touchpad. If those things are not as important to you and you are OS agnostic than the list of features of the Surface start to add up. Touch screen alone is huge as once you start using a full OS with touch, you miss it when you do not have it.