Great stuff!!!....just a suggestion though....if ye inside the Survival Capsule (SC) and it's hit by a tsunami, break free and/or or rolls, etc, do the people within the capsule also roll along????...if that is so there's gonna be alot of chunking going on inside!!!! my about encasing this SC in a sort of outer capsule such that it is linked to the the inner SC by way of say, ball bearings such that while the outside turns( as the outside is impacted by external force directions) the SC remains in an upright inner occupants sitting position???. This would help as i see the developers have the centre of gravity issue sorted out. Also, the movement of the outer Skin, so to speak, could be converted into electricity for the occupants such that the air within the capsule can be say, re-oxygenated so as to lengthen the survival period one can remain within the SC. Please keep me informed...could this unit also be used for areas where there is nuclear fall out??
One of the problems with tsunami isn't just the destructive force they crush buildings with but as they go back out to sea they pull a lot of the structures and objects with them. Dues this float? The Internet says a tsunami can last 2-3 hours and then you still have the problem of likely ending up in the ocean at the end of the ride.
I don't think its a bad idea but it would be a heck of a ride. Even if this thing finishes on the sea floor you could probably put something like an inflatable raft inside it you could use after opening the hatch (which is hopefully not facing directly down)
I wonder if there is benefit to making the hatch egg shaped to reduce the likelihood of finishing hatch down?

In response to Daishi: The capsule floats and the centre of gravity is situated to keep the unit upright while floating. Also, if you read the article you will learn about the fact that the capsules are designed to be tethered to mitigate the risk of being washed out to sea.
Daishi, you really need to go back and read the whole article again before posting and then you would know it floats and it also floats upright.
Jamie Lill
Its to small!
Jay Finke
My concern is what happens when it gets trapped in debris, it would like being buried alive, only your just curled up in a ball, or being cooked in the ball in the hot sun, waiting for rescue. just have carrots and potatoes as rations in the ball, and you got people stew. I could think of better ways to go.
Kristianna Thomas
The threat of tsunamis is a very real thing in and around the ring of fire, and the loss of life is great for there not to be a solution. In the US, outside the Pacific coastal regions, we have a greater threat from hurricanes and tornadoes; if these capsules can survive a tsunami it should be able to handle a EF 5 tornado or hurricane. Has there been any thought about selling these capsules to communities in the Hurricane Alley? if it could save lives there; it should be able to save live here.
Leonard Foster Jr
Hmmm i am thinking spacecraft with some mods ; )
Larry Pines
How about a radio transponder - so IF it IS washed out to sea rescuers can locate it? Looks a bit like the escape pods used by Donald Pleasance in 'Escape from NY' and James Bond's 'You Only Live Twice'.
Considering that debris from the Fukishima earthquake was washing ashore on the US west coast as recently as this spring, tethered or not, I can't help envision these pods breaking free and taking the same length of time to cross the ocean with their hapless occupants.