Most of the time, the great outdoors is a fun place to be. But just occasionally, Mother Nature throws a tantrum. When things turn ugly, the 5-in-1 Survival Flint Fire Starter Bracelet has everything you need for staying safe. You can currently get a two-pack at 46% off MSRP via New Atlas Deals.

Many of us enjoy getting away from civilization at the weekends — but being alone in the wilderness does have its downsides. If you get injured or the weather closes in, this multi-purpose bracelet could save your life. It has a flint for starting fires and a compass for navigation. You also get a scraper tool that doubles as a knife, along with a whistle that lets you call for help.

The bracelet itself is made from durable paracord string. This can be unraveled and used to lash together broken equipment. The whole thing is very light, with no more bulk than your wristwatch.

It's normally $30, but you can grab a two-pack of survival bracelets now for $15.99 to equip you and a friend.