7' wide has a lot of design compromises limiting what can be done. Because it is made from steel and way too much surface area it'll be an energy hog to heat, cool or build new walls outside it. So just where is the savings? 10-12' wide gives much more options, less surface area. Now using it for an underground house could work as extra walls, insulation costs are not needed, could work. But still limited. Putting 2 20' apart and build a roof/shell/2nd floor over them as structural pieces they can pay their way. And building in self contained water, waste, power systems means much lower bills as nothing to bill you for. Also no permits, impact fees, etc on them.
This is not the first shipping container to be used as a home.I think it's an excellent use once the containers are past a useful sea life.I've seen a YouTube clip showing a South American architect who used three containers,..the end result was not only practical but eye catching...
The greedy profit margin dooms this excellent design. Last time I looked , containers could be bought for 2 to 5 k.
Rann Xeroxx
And you thought trailer parks were blights on the landscape.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
The buried or bermed version could be quite practical. I expect permitting and acceptance to be show stoppers.
For that price you'd be better off doing it yourself! But I like that this movement is going ahead, shipping container housing looks great
Shipping containers are heavy. Heavy enough you need a tractor trailer to haul it. That said, I doubt these really have the potential to be taken too far off-road. Even if you get it somewhere remote, you will need to build a foundation or it will sink. I know this from experience. Finally, for $75K, I could certainly build a metal building on a slab with some fairly nice appointments that would easily fit two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living space.
€75,000 will build you a masion in my country , this is far from affordable.
Germano Pecoraro
The houses derived from the containers have many problems. Are the designers of this house just convinced that just a little water tank in order to be self sufficient?
Pretty expensive for such a small space. I suppose it could work in some countries.