Lourie Höll
So how long can this baby stay in the air?
Looks like a really effective, low cost weapon. Sounds affordable even for near-bankrupt militias that the US is trying to fight...
Tw Tan
At daytime it could be saw by enemy. At night possible detect enemy though infra red. Low cost could means it possible emit infrared to enhance image recording. Silent is actually mean silent to human ear. Bomb is mean it no going to stay on air all the time and the enemy don\'t need to shoot like hell just to get it down. If the enemy don\'t get it in few second, it get to the enemy. Make sure this stuff don\'t drop to hand of terrorist and without explode, or no one will know How to protect their leader during public speech. from now on. It look not difficult to build, but to build this counter apparatus, it more difficult.
When it \"runs out of gas\" and \"goes dead\" or \"dud\" it only seems to \"power down\" so it can find the bomb maker, call in the heavies, and snuff him and all his colleagues simultaneously. No one will know, because it picks up chatter and replicates it to draw in higher leadership. Basically anyone who comes in contact with one of these, even if they \"capture the launch team\", is a dead man walking. And this is only a foretaste. American weapons are becoming so sneaky, so lethal, that fighting America is like fighting a flood, from beneath the flood while you\'re out of breath.
Alan Belardinelli
I\'ve been thinking that they would build this for years. Next: swarm tech.
John Comeau
great, as if the US government didn\'t already have enough dangerous toys. Obama was even joking about using such drones against members of a pop band. everybody should have these or nobody should; let\'s start an \"open drone project\".
Todd Dunning
Paris and John, since the thought of America protecting civilian populations against the Taliban is so distasteful to you, maybe you could just do it with unicorns and love.
Use swarm bots to take out other swarm bots. Additionally, you make these transparent via metamaterials or the like then watch out!
Great idea for a new DARPA initiative, Todd.
Operation Unicorn, the \"Love Hurts\" initiative
Ten rounds with a herd of randy unicorns? ... that would be a very horny dilemma for the Taliban. I doubt half of them would survive the initial foreplay.
They say \"if a potential target of opportunity presents itself\", but how do they get it back on the ground if they don\'t find anything? i don\'t see any landing gear. i wouldn\'t be too keen on crash-landing a drone with a warhead on it in the rough terrain in afghanistan if i were a soldier... maybe someone has to catch it like a wide receiver catches a football. except the football could explode if they drop it.