August 22, 2008 After Popcorn Hour made their networked media tank (the A-100), a Chinese company named CMI produced what looks like their own copy of the product – the SYVIO-200 HD Player. In fact, the model number A-100 was accidentally left in the SYVIO-200 specifications on CMI's web site (which were clearly copy/pasted from Popcorn Hours website).

However, the SYVIO-200 is a slight improvement on the A-100 - featuring HDMI v1.3a, which is now employed by Popcorn Hours latest media tank: the A-110 (the A-100 featured HDMI v1.1). Retailing for a similar price as the A-100 (USD$200), the SYVIO-200 has (not surprisingly) had a rough time finding any US distributors.

For a full list of features, visit the CMI website (or you can always just check out the A-100 specifications).

So the question is, now that the A-110 has been announced, will CMI up the stakes with a hotter version of the SYVIO? Perhaps they could incorporate the gigabit LAN connection and digital TV recording capabilities that we were disappointed to miss out on with the A-110.