Somehow Someway GIZMAG has come up with a BEST way to provide comparison information. Reading this review of Tablets made more sense than any review/comparison I've ever read before.
Kudos to GizMag for making information so easy to understand & digest.
Nice, broad selection of comparison charts. Thanks!
I found this comparison table really helpful. I think that the other invaluable part of this comparison would be to also compare product support. This could have a big impact on my choice. The only support that I ever hear about with regard to tablets is Apple. Thanks
Dave Hargraves
all tablets should be no less the 64gb anything less is a waste of time. with Hd video and gaming 2gb ram should also be standard. and as for the design of all these tablets"WRONG" i see everyone is copying everyone. Samgsung so far has the best design as Smartphone/tablet " 2 devices in one" but nevertheless the design is still wrong. Have a nice day Freelance Eng.(designer of smartphone tech)
Island Architect
Antonio Lagana who developed the wonderful i41CX that will never show up on any other platform told me to go take a look at the mini.
He said that the display was fine. It is absolutely beautiful.
And some kid said that it wouldn't fit in his cargo pants ought to go to a uniform store and pick up a pair of 511 Tactical pants. The Cargo pockets will hold the mini although it will extend out about an inch above the flap. But if you have ever worn such you will notice that the rear pockets are enormous so you could easily carry two more.
And it has an iPhone pocket.
Steve had a penchant for refined and tiny, a sort of 19th Century taste thing and this one has that in spades. It is magnificent and I suspect with a blue tooth ear piece it could serve as your complete connection to the outer world.
This is the most beautiful Apple device ever.
Dave .... don't keep us in suspense. If these are all WRONG tell what would be RIGHT. As to the memory they should all have USB and SD. The Clouds are he place to put your pictures, documents, and even personal videos. GPS: no one reviews the GPS which is a very essential part of a Pad to most users but there has been a world of difference from one brand of Pad to the other regarding lack of a GPS, sensitivity, lock-on speed, WAAS accuracy. The HTC Evo 7 I have has the best GPS that I have used. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 should have been included (BEST PAD).
Nora Carrington
I agree with those who've said that this is extremely helpful, while still being concise.
Amazon Prime gives access to a lot of content for the price of membership. Is that content only available on the Kindle Fire? Or could one stream video to a Nexus device, having paid the $79/yr for Amazon Prime?
What about purchased mp3 and video files? If one is buying, either through Amazon or through iTunes, is it possible to play purchased media on a Nexus device?
Gary Jarrell
Very nice concise review of the major players in the tablet market. I have not had time to do the research and compare all of the tablets to decide which one to buy. Nice comparison.
A recent discovery the iPad2 with the latest OS will not support Adobe Flash Player a fairly widely used application. Worth mentioning as I only have this pad at the moment I am unable to test others. Just a thought!
Laura Christensen
By far the most helpful article I have found. It cleared up a lot of things for me. Thank you!