So, once again, there is stance against Microsoft based on their App store. Give me a break, this bias is getting old. Does anyone take the time to look at all of the garbage apps found on both the Apple and Android app stores. It is laughable to say that the 120,000 listed for the Microsoft store when a majority are the same apps found on the Apple and Android system. Anything to find a way to beat down on Microsoft again. The statement "It must be loaded with a lot of useless filler apps" shows that the writer of the article has yet to really look into the Microsoft Apps store so takes the easy route out to bash the Microsoft product.
Daniel Mutch
dude that was a sweet post, there have been a few posts I think you have been off on but that was a nice one. How long did it take you to wack that one out. Like 4hrs or what??? gizmag should be thankful to have you bro!
Excellency Neckbeard
Or buy an old HP touchpad on eBay for $80, root it, cyanogen, and don't give these lame corporations any more money.
The Samsung Tabs all include GSM phone calling ability.
Sally Warhurst
A little ipad biased mmmm
No Nexus 10? kind of seems like a pointless side-by-side to me without one of the leading contenders
Collin Mikeska
All Samsung tablets ship with third-party Polaris Office.
I have tried and own many tablets over the years. Again for those who forget tablets such as the Newton or the iPAQ, tablets have been around for 20 years. I current have top of the line Androids, Kindles and Nooks but after purchasing the iPad Air on its launch date I am hooked. Apple finally got it right this iPad Air blows everything else away, no contest.
Another iPad bias - at 9.7" the iPad is at most 92% of the Surface screen size, far short or the 94% reported and not close to the Galaxy Note 10.1
Paul Smith-Keitley
Seems a bit of a twist knocking out the Surface Pro and the other Win8.1 tabs like Dell and Lenovo- they are tablets after all - just because they happen to be more useful because the run a full OS, but hey, that's Apple FanBoys for you.