PlayStation 3

Gizmag's 2013 Games of the Year

It's been a big year for gaming. Not only did we see the arrival of two next-gen systems, but we also saw developers squeezing some amazing technical achievements out of seven-year-old consoles. Which titles stood above the crowd? We polled our gaming writers for their top games of the year.

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Review: Batman: Arkham Origins

A strong opening act gets your audience's attention. An even better second act gives them confidence that they're watching a great show. But what if your third act retreads the high points, without breaking new ground? Join Gizmag, as we review the iterative third act in the Batman: Arkham series.

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Review: Grand Theft Auto V

If you have a successful gaming franchise, you can follow the <em>Call of Duty</em> blueprint, and churn out a new cash cow every holiday season. Or you can take Rockstar Games' approach, and deliver the best game you can deliver, no matter how long it takes. Join us, as we review <em>GTA V</em>.

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