This care is an unaerodynamic pig. The open wheel wells, lack of aero shape (no boat tail) and lack of smooth underside suggest that any work in the wind tunnel was by the art department, not aerodynamic engineering.
Richie Suraci
What about the price, can we get it in the US......
@TogetherinParis I think it\'s optimized as far as reasonably possible. Putting farings on the wheel wells, a smooth underside and a boat tail would be the stupidest city car design imaginable. It\'s not an aeroplane, it\'s a city car. Surely the most important aspect of engineering is establishing requirements.
Did you just look up \'aerodynamics\' on Wikipedia?
I think it looks great.
Richard Dinerman
How do you open the windows to hand your arm out? and what happens when you take the car to a mall or other venue that has covered/underground parking? Doesn\'t seem to me to be enough clearance...
It is very similar to \"NIDO 600\" Pininfarina design, with the beautiness encountered only in the simplicity.
Congratulations to Mr. Tata.
I hope he develops, as soon as possible, a 0.6 l turbo diesel hybrid version to complete his masterpiece.
Fantastic the IVT drive system and the info gadgets.
b. ozar
creative, innovative, frugal and with a competitive pricing this could be a winner, as consumers we need henry fords of future. well done.
John in Brisbane
I like it. And I bet it cost half the silly money of a smart. Get this thing to market for motor bike money (say $7 to $9 K in Australia/US dollars and Tata will become a global player. Price it like a premium car (I\'m talking to you, Mercedes/Smart) and watch it founder. Tata, look at Asus with their netbooks. Surprisingly cheap yet useful and bringing millions of new customers to the brand. Unlike the Smart, with that motor its a real car - it could even tow a small trailer I bet. I say keep it simple though - a simple manual motorbike-style gearbox is more than enough (and flicking gears sequentially is super cool) and lose the rear wheel steering - if ever there was a case of the KISS principle this is it.
Re - aerodynamics - yeah I take the point above that it\'s not much better than a brick but designers always say stupid stuff like that... sounds good in the brochures and techies and car nerds are not the target market of those brochures! It will spend most of it\'s life doing between 20 and 110 kph so who cares.
I have a Ford Fiesta and while it drives better than this Tata ever would, its fuel economy is disappointing. I\'ve considered going to the combination of a cheap motor bike and cheap bigger vehicle. This Tata could accomplish 95% of my driving tasks and if it was cheap enough, with the difference I would buy or share a larger car for that other 5% of tasks. I\'d be a serious potential customer for one of these at the right price. Price it cheap, Tata.
togetherinparis has little understanding of aerodynamics or simple practicality. Aside from apparent ignorance of the Kamm effect allowing bobtailed aero effects - fact remains this is a commuter car rarely exceeding 60kph.
Yup. Let\'s cover over the wheels and achieve another .0025mpg.
Get out of the ivory tower.
Chris Jordan
I also immediately compared this car to the Pininfarina. It sure is terrible that most concepts fade away. This design makes a lot more sense than a squashed 4 door jellybean. Extremely useful too!!! I like it, but I hesitate to say so since almost everything people like vanishes.
I would have liked to see some details on safety equipment.
Curtain air-bags? Electronic stability control?