I have seen a very similar bike to this one, the Rokon Scout! (2008?) Both, or either, would be very welcome at my house
This is very similar to the Rokon Scout and Trail Breaker
Look, they have invented the Rokon!
History Nut
Yep, they just reinvented the Rokon! Smaller and cheaper maybe and the Rokon is not easily disassembled but still the same bike. I had an '86 Ranger for years. It was a lot of fun. Now they have four-cycle engines and horror of horrors: suspension! I sold mine years ago due to financial troubles but hope to get another in a few years and get back to having fun. Still, I will check out the Russian one when they get them imported.
Looks like a motorcycle on steroids, just like the Russian athletes. I wonder, does it run on steroids?
Windsor Wilder
This is brilliant! I want one! For some reason the Rokon website isn't loading. Maybe they've moved production from Vermont to Russia?
bless Russia. no bull designs.
Imran Sheikh
Great design with great proportions after a long time. A good example that design doesn't have to be ugly to solve a purpose.
Jay Finke
It's going to be a handy tool on the farm, and a 2 stroke will be nice for those colder climates. and it needs reverse for moving hay waggons. Ha
Fairly Reasoner
Well now, that's not exactly "foldable", is it?