I can see a market for this if the price is reasonable. But for myself I'll build a light plywood box on the trailer.
Mr Stiffy
That is very good..... appeals to my "I don't have to think too hard" aspect.
I like the brain dead utilitarian aspect.
I mean that with respect - because I spend much of my time designing really intricate systems, with all sorts of connections and interfaces and it has to work FIRST TIME.....
And these look tough, simple, I only have to study the picture on the packet for 30 seconds to work it all out, kinds of designs.
All the bits are the same, everything has the same joints, everything has the same fittings, just wonderful.
I like that extra security that this Camper has being able to fit within a Garage.
Once the modules are produced, one would be limited only by ones imagination. IMO; it has a lot of potential.
re; BigWarpGuy
No inside corners so you can't make L shaped buildings.
seth d. ross
Dude. Haven't you heard about Kickstarter, yet?
Benjamin Wade
This would go great on Kiskstarter if you lowered the price by say, $500. Then you'd get a bunch of orders and reduce your costs.
Bryan Paschke
Neat idea, but a bit rich for my blood....
mount it on a pontoon boat for a instant house boat - great a fishing on the lake get away.
Wejitu Geodol
A cottage. An emergency shelter. I'd love to have one up here in the mid north.