Dax Wagner
I've already placed my deposit for the 5x10 shelter and can't wait to install it on my lot! Simple designs are often the best designs. All you need to build this is a screwdriver and an hour. Best of all, I can always expand it later as needs change.
Victor Klein
This is a very good concept. Like to see more about this development. Keep us posted !
This may be just what I've been looking for!
I can see applications for the military but not the general public. Wise to not show many interior pics as the insides are what got left out. No holding tanks for water or waste, no toilet, no storage, no fridge or ice box, no place to sleep. Not even a sheep herder with their traditional wagon would consider spending time in one of these. The sayings, jack of all trades and master of none, or he has many knives - none sharp. A design student would be embarrased to turn in such a truly half-baked (or quarter-baked) concept.
R Ohge
This is the most amazing development in Sustainable Housing I've seen to date. Larry, Ryan & Company have gotten it right. You have a structure that can be created with recycled materials and, in turn, recycled, is energy efficient, totally modular-yes, it can be a "Camper", but can also be a home you can reconfigure as the need arises. And the tools needed to put it up or take it down (ultra lightweight transport/shipping)? A simple "Phillips Head" Screwdriver.
Dax Wagner
I'll be posting my updates on the company's forum here: http://heatlibrary.evecommunity.net/eve/forums/a/frm/f/283100824 I suggest you check it out if you're interested... lots of good discussion there. Management is pretty good at responding to any questions there too.
Joe F
Carlson is missing the point by lightyears. It's a $7000 camper. It's not a an $80,000 RV for a toilet, shower, fridge. It's an {attractive} alternative to other small pop-up and shell campers that have similar interiors. It also says it has a bed and dining area. Read the whole thing before commenting. Also try to realize that other people may have a use for something you don't. Look at other comments.
Dax Wagner
Calson also didn't bother to check out the company website which has plenty of interior photos AND VIDEOS. There are even more on youtube. There is plenty of storage in these small units (both on the walls as well as under the bed/dinette seats). The sink has a small, pressurized water tank supplying it from underneath. The gray water exits through a port to the outside into whatever tank you want. I have my own portable toilet.
Layne Nelson
They could make good outhouses too.
I like the look and the concept but my standard 5 X 10 utility trailer is only slightly heavier, has side and rear doors, has a far greater load carrying capacity, and only costs about $3000. Add a porta potty, air bed, lawn chairs, card table, and water tank and I am still under $4000 with about the same setup. I only lack the little windows but screens in the doorways opens up the view. For another $1000 I could add air and a generator. It even doubles as storage space for my ATV.