looks cool, but until i see a bit more than computer generated images, I'm just a little bit skeptical. Even the video of it in action looks a little fake, and the people interviewed are holding a mockup that is quite a bit different from the cgi-version.
Cool if true, but i suspect someone is having fun with the media
Edgar Castelo
Why can't it be upsized for personal transport?
Fishing Zebra
Dear jaqen,
Wow!! You must be trolling. You do realise that the computer generated images are concept plans for the final product.
It's how it's going to look when it hits market in 2013. The so-called "mockup", how you like to describe it, is a prototype one can clearly see flying in the demonstration video clip. I know this also could be computer generated, I'm not naive, but is it so hard to believe that after four years of research and hard work some clever people actually made it happen?
It's one thing to be skeptical, but don't misplaced it with illogical reasoning.
Still, I'd prefer 1 minute showing a half-baked full of potential real model than this chatting and cgi. They are not getting my money yet. Sorry.
Cool idea but fragile. If it performs as projected it will have many uses, I wonder however if something better isn't in the works or should be. You could design a spherical device with spinning outer ring to provide life and directional movement as needed, hovering, etc (picture a Snitch from Harry Potter-without the wings). Seems like that would be more durable, could fit in smaller places, uploaded with same options as video, gps, etc.
Fahrenheit 451
Seriously, this is frickin awesome!
Gregory Gannotti
I'll wait until they're $29.99 at Walmart or Target to get mine.
Polished presentations with little real information always raise doubts in my mind. Great art department though....
No trolling is occurring here ..................... instead skepticism This looks like it could be a scam or over-enthusiasm ..... I have been guilty of that myself. I want to see an actual flying model and what the on-board video looks like while it is flying. What is the battery life profile ? What is the maximum speed ? The DF should have wireless charging so that it can return to it's base and recharge and then continue patrolling. Outdoors, the DF will probably be blown away by a moderate wind. The prices for the more advanced models are too high. Even at a high price... this could be wonderful if it works. Who knows these guys ? Have they built any kind of working prototype ? Best of Luck 99guspuppet 99uavdragonfly
I guess this is an RC device ? It can be captured with a butterfly net. The white wings make it way to visible, some camouflage would be nice. What is the flight-time and how long takes a recharge, Make sure you do not sell it to terrorists.