Antimatter, or God\'s particle (seen in Angels and Demons), is now real. Physicists at CERN have created antimatter. Great development after Craig Venter\'s work of creating artificial living cell. Well then 2012 seems quite on schedule. It\'s there here:


Well this just happened while perhaps you were working on your article. But this one deserves in inclusion!

Moreover, the biodisc has also been a revolutionary product. Energy molecules vibrating at an absolutely high resonance / frequency is stored in a glass disc. Applicable in all areas of life, eliminates 90% of existing / anticipated / upcoming illnesses, reduces frequency of the user\'s visits to hospitals / clinics, converts tap water into the quality of spring water (like AVON - $6 a liter) etc. It is a wonder product sir.
I suggest to add Click & Grow to this line with their computer-controlled flowerpots. http://www.gizmag.com/click-and-grow-pots/14274
Michael Partridge
The God\'s particle is not anti-matter, it\'s the Higg\'s Boson. Also anti-matter has been created before in proton accelerators, what\'s new is that the LHC ran an experiment to try and magnetically trap some anti-matter which was successful. The Biodisc is a scam. It\'s as effective has Homeopathy. Unfortunately, in telling you this, whatever placebo affect it had on you or anyone reading this might be ruined. Sorry :(
My suggestion as a Top Ten product this year is the KOLIBRI Alpha Polymer Battery of DBM energy from Germany. This advanced battery was used to power an Audi A2 for 600km at an average speed of 90km an hour between Munich and Berlin on Oct. 26/2010. This is 5 to 10 years ahead of the anticipated development curve for Li-ion batteries. Also a story which, from my search results, Gizmag seems to have totally missed! Furthermore, this battery was small enough that the entire back seat was usable AND the TRUNK was available for luggage! These batteries have been in use for some time in warehouses powering forklifts on 28 hour shifts between charges. Imagine this battery in a Nissan Leaf! If I was Carlos Ghosn I would be beating a path to their door. If this battery is all they say it is, and it can be made in sufficient quantities at a reasonable price, there will be no need for roadside charging points. Check it out here: http://www.upi.com/Science_News/Resource-Wars/2010/10/26/German-electric-car-sets-world-record/UPI-84921288102816/
Charles Bosse
As cool as the shaker batteries are, I think they probably don\'t mark the kind of accomplishment that most of the rest of this list takes on (with either sweeping social influence, attainment of a long sought goal, or as a symbolic figurehead of a larger change in group thinking). Antimatter containment, on the other hand, is a pretty big deal and should be on the list.
Mike, antimatter was not contacined for longer than a few miliseconds. Now it can be. And it happened in 2010. And you should spend some time imagining how it can facilitate 2012, while there are lots of dots to be connected so that you conclude upon an imaginable pattern for the brain to understand the situation.

Calling the biodisc a scam is a personal offense to me. I recovered from Gall Bladder stone problem without having to remove the bladders out inspite of being recommended by a doctor of high caliber. I was relieved from gall stones in 6 days using the biodisc, and if I used Homeopathy, I would probably have to wait for 6 years. Another person using the biodisc on my recommendation is surviving cancer which was once in the last stage. So please be watchful sir. I am a user of the biodisc. It certainly requires time to understand the working of german technology, so please do.

Both deserve a listing! The writer has asked for honourable suggestions to his article, and not dishonoring comments to the comments posted by other users.
Ipad, seriously... are you kidding?
Chuck Russell
for real, there is no way an iPad needs to be on this list.
Facebook User
According to the laswt I read, the Placebo Effect is getting better in recent years. So much so that some drug tests are having problems showing a higher cure rate than the placebo achieves. Are we more gullible? are we more psychically attuned? Wolfman, I recommend you do as I have: don\'t trust allopathic doctors farther than you can throw them! Re the high frequency disc: read your science about dc versus ac, read some Willhelm Reich about the bioharm of vhf, and mostly I suggest traditional chinese medicine, which cured my Hep C after a failure with alopathics. (a year later I reported back to the \"doctor\" who opined that the treatment must have finally \"kicked in\"- sure lady goodbye!

Mike, thanks for the battery link!!
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