Jerry Peavy
"hardline stance against religious cults."? King Hezekiah was in fact promoting a religious cult himself!
Truly a shame that King Hezekiah was unable to eradicate the monotheistic cults of the time. Imagine the lives multitude of lives that would be lived to their natural conclusion, and the knowledge that would be gained, and not lost or destroyed by religionists. The human race would have colonized mars long ago, and we would likely be taking our first tentative steps toward the stars.
Nonsense. First of all, a toilet in a temple would NOT at all have been desecration, but an expensive means of keeping priests from having to share public latrines. Second is that this most likely is NOT a toilet, regardless of our preconceptions on shape. Stone like that is far too heavy, cold, rough, sharp, etc. Toilets of the time were either made of ceramic or wood.
@Jerry... so you think every religion is a cult? I suspect that with a broad brush like that even those who believe in a big bang where trillions of tons of matter came out of nothing could be members of a "cult".
@Wolfo579 There are good "religionists" and bad. History has proven wonderful technological advancements under good religion, those who adhere to the Biblical religion and are not just posturing. Everyone knows there are those who consider themselves religious but don't really follow the Bible...
@KirkAugustin. It was obvious from the article here and elsewhere that this was NOT a temple but a shrine. Nobody puts a toilet in close proximity to a shrine like that (at least not that I have seen). I have been all over the world and this does look like a toilet to me. Also people back then made things from stone a great deal...Stone is no harder or colder than ceramic so your argument would say that we in the modern age are equally foolish for making cold hard toilets. Also it would not surprise me if they had nice wood covers back then just like we do now. We are entirely to full of ourselves to think that we in the modern era are the only ones to have thought of comfortable toilets. Thousands of years can make a nice toilet loose its nice lid and become etched to the point it looks rough and uncomfortable.
Bottom line...there are things in this world that might make you want to think about your notions about people in the past and what certain books like the Bible say is history...what if it really is true?
Read this folks: ----- "Installing such an object in the Holy of Holies, a sacred inner sanctum in the shrine accessible only to a High Priest, would have been considered "the ultimate desecration" of a holy space, which was most likely what Hezekiah in mind. ------
Wow, what a self contradicting thing to write!
There was only one Holy of Holies, at the Jewish temple! And Jezekiah certainly did not attempt to desecrate it !
The author is amateurishly mixing up pagan shrines, Jewish temples, kings, etc.
Ah, the ignorance of NewAtlas readers, as shown in these comments.
Jerry: study up on what a "cult" is. Cults are an offshoot of an established religion. Hezekiah's problem was that many Jews of his time were mixing non-Jewish religious beliefs and practices with those of authentic Judaism. If you are going to claim that Hezekiah was promoting a cult, pray tell, what cult would that be? Or, are you just taking an anti-theistic cheap shot with your comment?
Wolf: sorry to inform you of actual history my friend, but the modern scientific age which this very website celebrates every day was largely started not by atheists (which are a largely modern phenomenon) nor polytheists, but by the very monotheists you denigrate. That would be Kepler, Pascal, Leibnitz, and Newton, to name a few off the top of my head.
Kirk: have you ever been to Israel? I have, twice. Wood was and is hard to come by there, and stone has long been the building material of choice until modern times. Maybe the scholars and archeologists who made the discovery actually do know what they're talking about?
Cults shitting on previous cults. So what's new? All religions are cults, created and developed by the wealth and power of their respective cultures in order to enhance that wealth and power. All religions are built around a set of profoundly humanist principles which engage with most of us in our social species. The religious leaders then corrupt these principles. For the believers in the audience, please remember christ warned again and again about the religious leaders. Who do you want to believe?
Captain Danger
@Wolf0579 I gather from your comments that you think that with only one religion and no war the human race would be much more technologically advanced. I would contend that the majority of technological advance has been an offshoot or war or at least ideological competition between nations.
those poles sound a lot like Native American Totem Poles. didnt know they had a lot of extra wood in Arabia to waste on Religious poles of importance
In the middle ages a similar device was used to check the gender of a prospective pope. A junior cardinal would feel beneath the hole and pronounce ' Habemos testiculos et bien pendente'.