Chuck Anziulewicz
I don't know if teleportation of physical objects will ever be possible, but imagine how this might revolutionize interplanetary or interstellar communication. The fictional "ansible" used in novels by Ursula Leguin functioned according to the "Principle of Simultaneity," which as far as I can tell is not that different from quantum entanglement.
Hiel Gagarin
Love the idea! Will this enable us to send information instantaneously across the universe, violating the relativistic information cone propagation theory of Einstein?
John S. Studer
Not a first, see:Quantum "spooky action at a distance" travels at least 10,000 times faster than light By Brian Dodson March 10, 2013
@ John: Yes, "Quantum enetanglement" is a known phenomenon, but I think that if you read the article here you will see that it talks about is the world first at transmitting data this way.
@John: I think the "world first" here isn't the entanglement or even maintaining it at significant distances. I think it is maintianing it while transmitting meaningful quantities of data. As you say entanglement has been done. Doing it at a distance has been done. I can not find the article but there was an experiment where some information was sent between two points that were 1000 meters apart, so the first here is the stability required to transmit more than a few bits of data.
Love the idea of being able to read tomorrow's news in the morning with my coffee.. More practically, this could mean instantaneous networking...
Jim Young
Beam me up, Scotty! Love it! Keep moving forward!!!! Vote Blue!
James Oss
OMg, and I don't mean the Higgs boson. Could the also be know as 'bi location'? I don't know of anything that can do that. Except... God? Surely not except He is an extra-dimensional being that is not bound by time and space. No. That just can't be. Then there is that strong nuclear force that keep the nucleus of past hydrogen atoms from flying apart. Isn't that force mediated by a particle called a 'glueon'? And, religiously doesn't the Holy Spirit mediate the love between the Father and the Son? Come on. Then again, back to the Higgs boson that imparts mass to matter in a Higgs field. New Testament describes Jesus appearing in the upper room after His resurrection. As He moved throughout it, He imparted Spirituality upon the Apostles - except Thomas who was not there at the time. No, all that is just, well, mere coincidence. But, Holy Scripture says we are made in God's image and that we have free will, and does the Universe also have free will that is called quantum happenstance in that it is non-deterministic; entropic? Naw, just luck of the draw - nothing more or less.
My untrained science fiction mind is trying to grasp this concept. If you think of the separated entangled pair of particles as a microphone, and a speaker to be used for instantaneous long distant communications, of course, it still takes time to DELIVER that 1/2 entangled particle (speaker) to the other side of the universe at the speed of light. So, instantaneous communication across the universe still depends upon the speed of light , and is significant in terms of human life span. So, we will not be dialing up the Crab Nebula soon. Yet, given the suggestion that there a universal "NOW" moment across the universe suggests that there CAN BE simultaneous events every/anywhere. This also suggests that distance as we perceive it is a obstacle only for Newtonian physics.. For short distances, like across the inside a computer, these distances become relatively insignificant at the speed of light. Thus, a computer programed to discover the theory of everything ( as most really are), loaded with all knowledge that we have discovered to this moment may actually disappear into another dimension the moment it is switched on. Is it impossible to predict the future given only the past? Or, will all possible interactions of circumstance and extrapolated mixtures of information evolve into a tangible theory of everything that will allow us to predict outcomes, and direct the future? I can't wait push the ON button and see. Or, perhaps we already have, yet keep coming back to relax and vacation in this dimension.
Dr. Desbrandes and Daniel Van Gent were doing this years ago at much greater distances using entangled lithium fluoride crystals. They documented and patented their process for equantic communications (company name). You can see the results of their tests here: