I have known that this was coming for years. You ain't seen anything yet.
The article does not mention whether the technique only works in a bowl of cells or if it can be used in a living animal.
Cells in a dish are one thing; systemic application to a mature mammal without disastrous side effects is quite another. We shall see.
Go science! Screw all the nay-sayers. Of course there will be problems, but if you don't try to begin with, you never learn.
Andrew Zuckerman
I'll be the first human trial. Contact me here and we'll figure it out
William H Lanteigne
Longer life doesn't necessarily mean better quality of life. What use is doubling lifespan if a person is destined to continue to live in poverty?
Would this be a treatment exclusively for the extremely wealthy?
Or would it be used for everyone?
Or would it be used sparingly, judiciously, only for those with a proven track record of doing great service to humankind?
I strongly suspect the first.
Terry Penrose
I strongly suspect the first as well, let's hope the method gets leaked and it's made available to everyone
Stacie Kubick
I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and I am miserable. I would sign up to be a guinea pig any day. What would I have to lose.
Si Wy
with this technology, humans will over-populate this planet very soon, as people will not age, and ultimately may live indefinitely. On the other hand, this will enable humans to travel long distances in space, and migration to other planets beyond the solar system will be possible.
EJacob Cornelius
I think regeneration capability (once operational) will be limited to the extremely wealthy, so overpopulation shouldn't be affected by much. The scary part is, what will the fortunate few (rich old men) do with this extra time?