I would consider this for fair weather camping in a temperate, non-tropical zone.
Camping in cold weather? I think I'd rather not want to be suspended in mid-air if an overnight storm front came through.
Thomas Aquino
NASA makes a 1/4" airgel polymer thermal blanket that would be a perfect winter liner for this tent.
This is really looks pretty neat. I guess you avoid some bugs and animals being in the air, also probably more comfortable up there. but i bet that you will have birds nesting on your tent and keeping you up all night sometimes.
Ken Dawson
I really want to see a picture with 4 full sized adults in this tent. Even 3. What prevents everyone from slowly rolling on top of each other during the night?
Vince Pack
I don't normally pick nits on the interwebs, but 13lbs is the opposite of a tent that "should be more suitable for campers who like to travel light." And for $1400usd there isn't much perceivable "value".
As a nearly full hammock camping convert (for backpacking), I fully understand the desire to get off the ground, but at that weight and cost, no amount of cool factor is enough for a tent. At a more "reasonable" cost, this would definitely catch my interest as a car or boat camping alternative.
Realmcoyoneone REalmcoyoneone
If it gets too cold make a coal fire under it.
Good Luck finding 3 trees in a perfect triangle. Winter camping in a hammock is way better as it keeps you off of the cold ground, so I can see it good for that but again I say, Good luck finding 3 trees in a perfect triangle.
Wait - any threepoints define a triangle. What?
Joe Sobotka
$1400.00 for a tent? I'll pass on that one.
I would think that a tent with a built-in inflatable bag (think one of those queen size bed in a box things) on the bottom would be a better bet. It could also float, if need be, and be easily unhooked from whatever it's attached to. The hammock idea isn't a bad one per se, but it seems more complicated by small areas instead of one bigger one.