Bob Stuart
I like tilting trikes with two in front, but not this one. In steady-state cornering, untilted, it is stable due to understeer, and in braking, it gains stability, the opposite of a delta design. Perfect tilting renders that distinction moot, but is hard to maintain. I can't trust any automatic system that does not know if I'm starting an emergency turn or an emergency lane-change. Nor do I wish to try to stabilize my body on any trike sufficient for the miniscule steering inputs of a handlebar, since low-speed balance is no longer an issue. On a bumpy corner, that front suspension will scrub worse than a swing axle, giving erratic handling.
Hook this chassis up to a Zero SR drive-train, add an all-weather protection option, and drive away with the ultimate commuter! (And likely the funnest, too!)
Steve Jones
That looks awesome.
Seems pretty cool, but at $60K it's just a rich mans toy.
At $60 grand this will never be anything more than a rich man (or woman's) toy. I prefer the Elio concept-decent performance, fully enclosed cab, and starting price at less than $10 grand. Now THAT'S sustainable.************************M.S.**********
Rich man's (or woman's) toy for sure. Elio makes a whoile lot more sense.
"a bunch of accelerometers, gyroscopes, wheel speed sensors and other position sensors"
To quote the original hosts of Top Gear, "What could possibly go wrong?"
Douglas Bennett Rogers
I am surprised it took so long to get these! Mechanical tilt ought to be about as good, as 2-3 deg off gravty line is barely noticeable. System would be much more valuable in utility van, as stuff wouldn't slide!
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that would be a lot of fun to drive.
looking forward to the Gizmag video review! (please!)