Alex Lekander
"Terrafugia’s Transition Street-Legal Airplane is quite likely the one that’s closest to actual commercial availability."
I disagree. The PAL-V is more compact, takes off over a shorter distance and has superior road performance.
re; Alex Lekander
The PAL-V course of development is now where the Terrafugia’s Transition Street-Legal Airplane was at in 2009.
I agree with Alex. The little heli seemed more usable but each to their own.
Should I drive or fly? This should confuse the challenged impaired!
Jim Parker
If 3-D printing can manufacture the structural elements of the Terrafugia, then it will be lighter and cheaper. Otherwise, it's a quarter million dollars for a semi-useful airplane.
So, for $280,000 usd, you get a marginal 2-seat sports plane that can't be flown on instruments and can barely exceed 100 mph?
Also included is a less than marginal 2-seat automobile that is neither a joy to drive or to park.
For that money, you could buy a new Porsche, a very nice 4-seat a/c with real speed and have $80,000 left over.
Just because it can be built doesn't mean it should be built.
The Pal-V test aircraft appeared to be a one seater, with the possibility of a second tandem seat, this at least has two side-by-side, makes it a more social vehicle? I'll have one of each thanks.
Brian Brehart
I completely agree with MAQ. I would add that until we figure out Gravity and Anti-Gravity, the flying car will never exist. The PAL-V and this Terrafugia are nothing more than drivable airplanes.
Little Astronaut
This generation of flying cars seems to be the first one approaching the reality of flying as a commuting vihacle and I agree with previous comment. There were previous versions of flying cars and as I remember recently one man made a private one which hit in the news. Also vaguely do I remember in 1995 (I was 7 then!) that there was this news on having commercial manufacturing of the represented prototype by 2000 back then. It did not happen but rather now we see it's turning to reality. Once again human being is one step forward in actulizing the dream, and this time it is about flying cars. I suppose sooner or later we will see flying taxies over our living places. Hope trafic rules for such transportaion system will be made before this genious production starts to take off. "Well-done"
re; Hassan Jahangiri
There are enough traffic rules in place for the type of aircraft these "flying cars" represent.