Aside from being an under performing car that converts into an under performing plane that only costs US$279,000 you have to register it as a car and buy automobile insurance. I'm betting that it is more cost effective to buy a better performing plane and to have the rental car place deliver a car.
I agree with "Slowburn." Although technically interesting, this idea has been around since I was learning to fly in the 1950's. It's an impractical "toy" for the pilot with nothing better to spend their money on. Just imagine the result of a minor fender-bender on the way home from an airport!
The Skud
I agree with Snit - Good luck for anyone under 30, even with a clean record, trying to get insurance! Those folding wings, ingenious as they are, would cost a fortune to repair (replace?) if you got clipped by an erant semi in the next lane.
Mark Thomas
Flying car? Please. This is crap. Not sure why /they/ can't see this and just stop.
Rather than getting insurance for the road, I'd be more concerned with the fact that you'll need a full pilot's license to fly it. So why not just have a car and a Cessna.
Romaine Spence
Hmph.... 2013 and this is the best they can do for flying cars? Those eggheads need to stop screwing around and invent anti-gravity!
Oh, I'm joking, but yeah this thing pops up with predictable regularity -- note however, they were kind enough to give an excuse that a man can explain to a wife, because even rich wives have a tendency to get snarky when her man buys too many toys.
Alas, until we get antigravity, or barring some other nifty breakthrough, this is the best we are likely to get in the "flying car" department.
Tom Phoghat Sobieski
it's just a rich man's toy
Larry English
toy how can that thing possibly pass car safety regs, bumpers, emissions.. :x) feh $279,000 surely you could get a better plane plus a better car for way less than this expensive compromise of both
what is its mileage, also, about 3 mpg in the air?
I'm almost 70 and I've been reading about this dream since I was 8 years old. "Popular Mechanics", in the 50's told us that we would all flying cars before the turn of the century. Now that it's finally here, everybody just complains and nit-picks the concept... LOL, I agree with all of the above comments.
If it looks right - it is right. This thing is just plain ugly.