Thomas Lewis
I think with the technology available right now,4 motors with fixed pitch,makes for a very safe and stable platform.As a added safety feature,it can be fitted with a ballistic chute.I think I would pas on two motors,look at the V-22, and all of it's problems.
Derek Howe
That's awesome, it actually looks pretty damn nice too. If any company has the ability to make this happen, they are it. Since they currently already make the closest thing to a flying car.
Their timeline unfortunately is probably accurate, and it'll likely be around a million dollars......sadly, that's "slightly" outta my range.
That's really fantastic...but late. Dr? Moller already tapped the easy money while somehow avoiding jail time, by always promising the "big moment" is coming in the next year. Eight to 12 years is too far over the horizon to capture current interest.
Marc 1
Typical unresearched comment. V-22 has a prang rate comparable or better than existing marine corps helos. Don't believe everything you read.
BTW, the V-22 has a cross shaft connecting both propellors, so it one engine fails the remaining one can power both props.
Blimps would make a much better flying car. With shrouded props the could have minor crashes without raining debris.
Richard Auchus
I still personally like the PAL-V much better, as the Autogyro flight mechanics are much safer and more reliable than either tilt-rotor or even conventional fixed wing for the type of mission the craft will probably be operating in (its also STOL, at least most gyroplanes are at least). Not to mention, it actually looks cool and fun to drive!
Look it up, seriously I wish it would be getting more attention than this thing!
( Ed.)
Looks like the rotors block the doors, do you use the "Dukes Of Hazard" method of getting in and out?
Wesley Dart
Is it just me or does this thing bear a passing resemblance to some of the Star Trek shuttle-craft over the years? Overall I think the aesthetics are rather impressive.
Vanilla Cat
Will never be permitted to fly over populated area without licensed pilot at controls. It is a very cool vehicle but few real world non military applications. Basically it is an aircraft which trailers itself to the airport.
Looks like an angry trout.