That's an awesome car. But I wish Musk would not stretch the truth when he says that he's building it now. If it's delivered in 2020, it sounds more like he'll be building it in 2 years. (And if we apply the by-now common Tesla delivery delay, it'll be more like 2021.) In the meantime he wants a $50k or $250k deposit. That's Ferrari level pricing from a company that isn't Ferrari. While I have the Roadster, I won't be jumping on this one quite as readily. I might've if he was talking next year, and I'd been tempted if it were 2019. But 2020? Come on.
Sounds more hype than fact. How about 620 mile range in a family car?
aki009: To be entirely fair, he's advertising Bugatti or Koenigsegg-beating performance for less than a Ferrari 488.
aki009-- which Ferrari [or any other ICE] will compete against this?? Assuming the performance is as claimed... plus, it's better looking than a Ferrari. $250k DEPOSIT is $50k OVER the asking price- for goodness' sake, get the facts straight! Assuming it won't be on sale by 2020 is mere speculation.
Love it! Might need to tuck away 4 or 5 bitcoins for a rainy day.....
Vernon Miles Kerr
Back in the 70s while wielding my slot car controller, how many times did I wish real cars would perform like that. Now it's a reality, but I have a couple of issues with this one. Assuming that all the hype is true, I don't see the aerodynamics to hold the car down while approaching 250 mph. Also that amount of "ludicrous" power has another inherit danger: idiots like me who turn into some kind of insane daredevil at the wheel of a sports car. I reluctantly got rid of my Toyota MR2 Spyder because I couldn't control those urges. Fortunately I didn't hurt myself or other drivers before I hung it up.
Aaron Turpen
Doing some quick math, this car will be pulling about 1.5 Gs to sprint that fast. And it would require a very specialized surface and perfect tires.
Mark Uzick
At some point "investors" will tire of giving money to a company that's destined to only greater and greater losses - that's when the music stops. Getting expensive cool cars way below actual cost is a bargain for wealthy people, but if Tesla goes bankrupt before the delivery date can you get your deposit back?
The age of gasoline sports cars is about to end in a crashing heap.
Those specs are pretty impressive. I know there are people in the world that wouldn't bat an eye buying one for 300k+. Hopefully they are charging enough for them to make a profit on them. Nothing stops them from making a lower cost sports car later on for people that don't need specs anywhere close to those.