I worry about the accuracy of camera-based systems - my Subaru's lane change warning chirps when the sun ins low in the sky and its cameras are fooled into "seeing" the tar snakes (those highly reflective stripes of tar put down by road crews to fill long cracks) as if they are lane markers. I can imagine an AV veering into the oncoming traffic lane as it follows that erroneous input.
Self-driving might be create for the city BUT on cold snowy roads, the gravel roads of the country, mud and potholes, it'll be a while before I'm being ferried about in a self-driving (electric) vehicle!
This sounds like self learning system which should be extremely accurate. My 18 CRV has a lane guidance system that might as well not even be there. It works with cameras just not very well, I would never trust it to stay on the road. Tesla's system is not even comparable to the other automakers systems.
"LiDAR is a fool's errand" Yeah, try telling that to a car coming up on your left lane at high speed while you are trying to merge into that lane. The Tesla vehicle will not see the car coming up behind you and you will get rear-ended. Ask me how I know.
So now with their own chip on board, the car can go even faster as it slams into stationary objects while on Auto Pilot? Nice.
When he says "we have a fleet" he literally means that every Tesla owner is a guinea pig whose life is expendable for the overall "good" of the experiment's outcome.
Tesla's driving computers have decapitated people. Musk can be all cool about it, but people have died for the robot driver, and will most likely continue to die. I'm pretty sure I'm not cool with the idea thanks.
I like Musk but the idea that they will have a fleet of fully autonomous RoboTaxi's online next year is abject nonsense. Calling next year the year of fully self driving cars reminds me of the circa early 2000's predictions that every year would be "the year of the Linux desktop". Also he says "Consumers will demand at some stage that people aren't allowed to drive these two-ton death machines." That's an interesting statement from a man building a sports car that will go from 0-60 in 1.7 seconds.
I love seeing glimpses into Elon's mind from these articles. He's ten steps ahead of everyone else in seventeen different directions, and these articles show how everything fits together like a Japanese temple joint. https://www.arch2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/japanese.jpg Rock on, Elon. I love watching you work. Always fascinating.
RE: his statement about having a fleet, every data point from every driver goes into the "data pot" and makes the entire thing safer. Every bug found is fixed on all cars when it is fixed. It's when idiots think a driving assistant can be a fully-automated autopilot that bad things happen. The guy who hit the center divider in L.A. had complained to Tesla about it, complete with pictures. Tesla warned him that there were a few bugs and NOT to take his hands off the wheel, yet he died in the very spot less than a week later, allowing the known bug to kill him while he did something else. That was the driver's own fault. I believe the system alerted him at the time AGAIN, too. NO, nobody's system is foolproof yet, and I doubt anything will be ready next year.
Martin Winlow
"...targeting an power consumption of 250 W per mile." Gibberish... technically speaking.
Martin Winlow
I do wish Tesla would start a 'navi-net' thing; all Teslas would be equipped with the ability to communicate with other Teslas in the vicinity (up to 300m or so) to allow them to interact sufficiently to assist them to get where they want to go, not just permit but actually aid other Tesla to merge, change lanes etc. Teslas going in opposite directions would be able to fore-warn other Teslas on the navi-net of highway hazards and sudden traffic issues helping to prevent collisions and reducing travel delays.
The navi-net could even allow passengers in different vehicles to interact with each other, chat, play games, socialise generally… if they want to!
If Tesla got into this now they could become the arbiters of such technology and even licence it to other car makers (assuming there will be any, other than Tesla, in the Future).
And SpaceX’s Starlink could make it all happen...