People are saying fully autonomous vehicles are already here and will hit the consumer market in 2-3 years but I'm still on the short list of skeptics. There are just too many common scenarios I can think of where it would be hard for the technology to make decisions completely absent of human intervention. Sometimes simple things like identifying lane markers when the road is when and the sun is reflecting off it is a challenge. Solving the last 10-20% of driving and situations will probably be harder than the first 80-90% of driving and cars will still needs humans closely paying attention until they are 100% autonomous. I think full 100% autonomy would take a ton of sensors, computing power, and complex reliable software. Many of these systems will be created by humans still capable of mistakes so the human element of driving isn't entirely eliminated, it's moved. I think probably a majority disagree with me on that but I'll just have to eat crow on it in a few years if I'm wrong :)
Bob Flint
So you the driver become the test bed, the car learns from it's "MISTAKES" Wrong the car is only 20 to 30% fully autonomous and you and everyone else will continue making mistakes and being there to help correct it? Are you serious might as well be responsible for my actions, not the incomplete capabilities of a machine, due to the manufacturer's flawed design. So when the road way gets changed, or obstructed by reflections from wet pavement, snow, ice, it screams out take control, while you are sleeping away behind the wheel. (remember the soda can bypass). Please stick with the plan of an affordable long distance vehicle, with a projected 20 year life span. Gotten 16 years outta my Honda, still going strong, even with salted roads.
So awesome to see this car driving on the Bolte and Westgate bridges close to home. At 70 I can have hope that the technology will be available and affordable before I have to hang up my driving gloves. What makes Tesla's approach so powerful is that it sends all the data from its mistakes back to base for integration into the global control logic.
Stephen N Russell
Love to drive this Tesla with autopilot, alas none for Rent
The Tesla Model S is by far the best car I have ever driven and driven is the operative word. I love to drive not sit back and let software control the car. Concentrate on better battery technology as you already have the car RIGHT! Just longer range and quicker charging will make it perfect for MANY [not all] drivers as there is no one size fits all vehicle.
So, what I haven't heard in any review about these autonomous driving car experiments is any evidence that a driver who habitually does "TEXTING" while driving will be any less of a danger to themselves and others in this car vs. a normal car. The fact that these autonomous cars still rely on a potentially distracted, incompetent, irrational or physically/mentally impaired driver as backup to the auto drive system is still the ultimate fly in this ointment. Add me to the serious skeptic list.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
This will take a LONG time! I don't even have air bags yet!
These are the early days. Although the curve is sharp. And the full benefits of autonomous vehicles will only be realized once virtually all vehicles on the road are autonomous. That's at least a quarter century away. But you and I will be able to enjoy most it's benefits on our daily commute within the next 5 years. Hooray!
IF you guys remember the Solar roadway that one guy has develop What if new pavement included these solar low power sensory circuit that transmit Point of reference on the road such as left lane mile 223 224 225 and so on with this sensory of other car. So that thus can say it can use the Point of reference to build a travel scene and It can follow a pathway. And If there a traffic accident on a certain road the emerency people can then transmit a data to the three point of reference for auto-pilot to know hey need to make a detour to a nearby exit. And we can say sure or no tesla. This can pretty much solve the never have to worry about paint weathering away.
In the US 100 people a day die violent, preventable deaths. Every day. Self driving cars cannot arrive soon enough.