"One of the most prominent aspects of Model S ownership are Tesla's over the air updates, which ensure its cars are always fitted with the latest version of software. "
My mate's model S just popped up a SPOTIFY icon a few mornings ago and it (the Tessie) asked him if he has a spotify account to log into? "No" says my mate. "Would you like me to start you one for free" his Tessie asks him "Sure" says may mate "Beep beep, OK, you now have a Spotify account, what song would you like to hear first" asks Tessie.....
Rocky Stefano
I love the car but until I can get one in a few months I just can't buy into this.
Tesla tech got started in the EVDL EV group online that developed the small lithium cell pack concept, etc and ACPropulsion that supplied the motor/controller had built the T Zero IIRC it's name sportscar that Tesla copied . Now with the T3 and let's not forget the Bolt and likely 200 mile Leaf before the 3 comes out. Just with the SC, the only truly fast charger in just 20-30 minutes now, that let's Tesla be true long distance cars with an S crossing the country in 2 days, 10 hrs.
how does one get service with no dealerships. software up dates are nifty but what about hardware. I don't think these cars will last in the public's eye . They will just be a bling mobile
Since Musk joined Tesla a year after its inception he is not a founder and Tesla is one of the many things things Musk is involved with which he neither conceived nor started.
Except for his celebrity it is not clear what if any unique qualities he brings to the job except that being CEO to so many enterprises he is undoubtably short changing them all.
CharlieSeattle emission motoring? False!
Natural Gas and Nuclear plants supply 70% of the electricity.
these things cannot live without taxpayer support-subsidies
There were tons of people in line at stores to to reserve a 3. I'm looking forward to the reveal today at 8:30 pacific.
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
"these things cannot live without taxpayer support-subsidies"
You mean just like how the oil industry (and some ailing auto manufacturers) cannot live without subsidies?
If anything, these things should get more subsidies, because they are currently peanuts compared to the amount going to the aforementioned.
Don Duncan
CharlieSeattle: EVs can be charged (fueled) by PVs, should the gas price rise, gas be scarce, an off grid driver chose, an eco-enthusiast want to "save the planet", or I want to be free from depending on the oil companies. Also, some power plants are hydroelectric. EVs provide more choice. That fact is not diminished because some energy may come from a polluting source. Therefore, it is true that the Model 3 makes zero emission driving possible.