Hats off to Elon Musk for building such a compelling affordable car. Just booked 2 of them. Looking forward to getting them.
Very nice car!
There's no doubt at all that this will be the car that makes electric cars "mainstream". The price is right and the range is pretty good too.
Thank goodness that at least Tesla knows how to make a good-looking electric car - not an ugly three-wheeled monstrosity like some of its competitors want to foist on us.
Martin Winlow
CEOs of all the big auto-makers (including GM) must be choking on their cornflakes this morning waking up to the news... 115k reservations (and US$115m cash) in less than 24 hours. Surely this is utterly unprecedented in the history of car making?
As for the look of it, "That'll do nicely, sir!" Heck, I've got a year old S and I got myself up at 0430 this morning to reserve a 3. By the time the 3 arrives in the UK, it'll be a straight swap for a new 3 (and it'll fit in my garage!).
Well done Mr Musk and Tesla!! MW
My order is in and I will be ordering an upgraded version that sports AWD and a longer range--rumored to be 320 mile in the model 366D with 0 to 60 in about 4.5 seconds. That's more than fast enough for my wife!
A beautiful looking car. It may be a tipping point for electrics. Here is a business opportunity for some enterprising young person or maybe Tesla will take it on. For range extension, I see a rental business - based out of conventional gas stations or car rental companies. A small trailer containing a battery that will give you another 300 km of range. For normal operation you would not want the trailer, but for long distance travel it would make sense. So if you are going on a long trip go to a rental station and get a battery. When your rented trailer runs out of juice - pull into another rental place and trade or just return it. Tesla should install a plug adaptor near the spot where a trailer hitch would go. The trailer system could/should work with other electric cars too.
Island Architect
There is something of a mutual admiration society between Franz and Bob Lutz. Ever since Franz designed the Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice for Bob at GM there has remained a deep admiration.
I'd send a picture of their meeting at the Eye's on Design event at the NAIAS, It is wonderful.
There is a stretched image of the red one. Please stop distorting the true perspective. There is nothing wrong with the real stubbyness.
Yes! Amazing car, amazing tech. How did the others (especially Benz, Audi, BMW) get so caught sleeping at the wheel? Self driving cars with the acceleration of supercars. The only sad thing is if you read the comments on the mainstream news articles. So many ignorant people out there crowing about how oil makes America great and how roads will fall apart from the lack of taxes. Such shortsightedness it's painful to see. Go Tesla.
Thank you for a great design Mr, Holzhauser avoiding an over designed shape. I wish you all the success you deserve Mr. Musk. A great design.
Will there be sufficient charging stations in populous areas? Will the home installation be included in the purchase for budget minded retirees? Finally, the federal government should create a comprehensive power tax relief policy for solar, battery and alternative power conversion for consumers.
I dearly hope this isn't the absolute finalized look of the car to be offered at the end of next year. It looks like it's not fully finished. The front, where a grill would normally be, looks unfinished like an amusement park ride for kiddies. If nothing else, that part without the grill should be more aerodynamic/streamlined.