Did I miss it or what's the top speed on the S P85D?
Sven Ollino
P85D and 85D both have 155mph (250kmh) top speed. Not mentioned in this article is the fact that 85D and 60D have significantly increased milage over the single motor version. This is all most probaby due to dual regen and different gearing in front and rear motors.
I am trying to make sense of various info I have seen online about this/these. it looks like Tesla announced 3 AWD cars, 60D, 85D, and P85D. To quote another source I found "All three new models—the 60D, 85D, and P85D—use the same 188-hp front motor. The 60D and 85D use it on the rear axle as well. The supercar-grade P85D, however, keeps the existing 470-hp motor in back for a monstrous 691-hp / 687 lb-ft combo." Here are the battery ranges for the new models (vs the old ranges) and some other related stats: 60D: 225 miles (vs 215 miles) 85D: 295 miles (vs 285 miles) P85D: 275 miles (vs 285 miles) 0–60 mph Acceleration 60D: 5.7 sec (vs 5.9 sec) 85D: 5.2 sec (vs 5.4 sec) P85D: 3.2 sec (vs 4.2 sec) Quarter Mile Times 60D: 14 sec (vs 14.2 sec) 85D: 13.5 sec (vs 13.7 sec) P85D: 11.8 sec (vs 12.6 sec) Electric Motor Output 60D: 376 hp—188 hp front, 188 hp rear (vs 380 hp rear) 85D: 376 hp—188 hp front, 188 hp rear (vs 380 hp rear) P85D: 691 hp—221 hp front, 470 hp rear (vs 470 hp) Top Speed 60D: 125 mph (vs 120 mph for 60 kWh) 85D: 155 mph (vs 125 mph for 85 kWh) P85D: 155 mph (vs 130 mph for P85) Stats are from road and track
Mark A
Another affordable electric car for the masses.
If compared to a Mercedes AMG which comes in at around $220.000 for the base model (S65 AMG, 621 horsepower, 0- 60 at 4.2 seconds) it's a bargain! But seriously: Tesla's goal is to bring out the car for the masses in 2017 at around $35k which is near the median price for new car purchases in the US.
For the longest time I have felt that high power super cars were so out of touch with reality. All electric is so different and I welcome them with open arms. Fantastic job, bet you can't keep up with orders. Would like to see Tesla develop a simple drop in electric drive system for the back of small front wheel drive cars. This will give us ( those with less cash on hand ) a chance to join in the electric car craze plus all wheel drive "YES"
i guess it's obvious that all those lies about a mass market electric car are being forgotten about. tesla is trying to be the next farrari, they will go bankrupt if they attempt to produce let alone mass market a low end electric car. at best, the new battery factory they build will be able to pull a profit by selling batteries to other electric car makers in bulk. there simply isn't enough demand for luxury electric cars for a battery factory to supply profiteably. look up the numbers less than 100,000 electric cars are sold a year globally. and the 'growth rates' are over exaggerated heading into a global economic pullback...
Nicolas Zart
I was there last night and it was interesting. The top speed is 155 MPH. We got an early ride in it and the acceleration was breath taking. I was also with Steve Saleen's R&D SixSixteen on a track a few months ago, and I thought the similarities, yet differences were interesting on both cars. The Model S P85D then went through a mini-course where it recognized a 30 MPH sign and cruised at that speed, followed by a 25 sign where it slowed down to that speed. Finally, after using the left blinker it changed lanes and came to a stop. All in all, a pretty cool evolution of the S with obstacle recognition, even under snow or sand storm and a cool torque play between the front and back under various situations.
Patrick Burton
I'm sorta impressed but not that impresses, my truck has 645 lb-ft, that's at the rear wheels on a dyno, Stock it had 356 at the rear wheels and the factory said it had like 500. The point is that numbers lie and you can't review a car with just the numbers.
I might not get the (stated advertised) performance out of my conventional car, but I can travel farther on a tank of gasoline. I can also fill my tank and be back on the road again in about 5 minutes. How long does it take to fill the fuel tank of this coal burner? I would love to see a test of these cars in Northern states in the wintertime. Such a heavy AWD car should get a good grip on the snow with 4 snow tires but i wonder how the cold will sap the life of the battery pack? Like someone ahead of me suggested, it costs a lot of money.