Ludicrous indeed!
Entry level car? So $95,000 instead of $100,000? Ludicrous indeed!
It probably wouldn't hurt to carry an 8-pack of AA Energizers, in case the OEM battery runs dry....
Jerry Reyes
Light Speed is to Slow... We have to go straight to Ludicrous SPEED!!!!
The S-series from Tesla will prove to be one of the great car designs of all time - electric or not. As for extra get up and go: I can take it or leave it since the car is already more than fast enough for a sedan. Nice to know that they have solved the issue of amperage draw and resulting heat. Now, if they could harvest that heat, we'd really be on to something. When the price for this car gets to $75,000 (as it will) Tesla will have done the nearly impossible and consumers will be the beneficiaries. Until then we'll just have to believe the "we're saving you thousands on gasoline so we're factoring that into the net payment calculation"...even though you are out of pocket for it in the first instance.
Noel K Frothingham
Don't Like? Don't buy, bd and phissith. Oh....excuse that too simple of an idea.
Elon Musk will go down in history as one of the greatest game changers in this world. If I can ever afford a Tesla I'll certainly get one. My Lexus won't last forever (well it might outlast me). I'll drink a toast to him right after Dry July is over.
@bradleydad The article didn't say "Entry level car", it said "entry-level Model S". At no point anywhere did anyone say the Model S itself is an entry level car. The base price for Model S 70 is $70k before incentives. $20k in fuel savings over 10 years and the $7,500 tax credit puts it at ~$42,500. It's still far from cheap but it's closer to the cost of ownership of a high end SUV or a 5 series BMW than a Ferrari or something. The S was never meant to be a low budget car.
Stephen N Russell
Cant we rent some Tesla models, \be awesome. Like that 300 mile range, I aim for Range when looking at EVs. More the better.
AND... It can be used as a perfectly practical and economical family car. It seats 5 adults comfortably and two kids in the optional rear-facing jump seats, has lots of cargo space in the front and rear, it's one of the safest cars in the world, has an intuitive 17" touchscreen with web browser that controls everything, and it's just super cool. The exhaust not does not wake the dead and/or dozing police for miles around. In fact, there is no exhaust - none at all. Instead, there is a wall of instant, seamless TORQUE! that teleports you from where you are to where you want to be with a soundtrack right from Star Wars. When you're not driving like a madman, it is extremely smooth and refined. The regen braking allows for mostly one-pedal driving, the automatic cruise control is very useful, and the soon to come Autopilot mode will make traveling a breeze. It's like a Lexus with the skin of a Maserati, the heart of a Bugatti, the soul of a Jaguar, and tech that surpasses them all.